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Drugs in New York

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Alpo Martinez has been dead for months and his story continues to get more interesting. A new article explores his double life as a member of the witness protection program.

This week The New York Times printed an in depth piece that examined Albert “Alpo” Martinez’s life after being released from prison in 2015 after serving 35-year sentence for 14 counts of murder. He would be then relocated to Lewiston, Maine under the alias Abraham Rodriguez and worked as a construction worker. Writer Ali Watkins spoke to several individuals who knew him as an easy going fellow. “He was the nicest neighbor,” said Marissa Ritchey. “He was always polite, nice with the dog. You never would have thought anything. He was one of the decent ones. He’d help the old people take their trash out.”

But as several of his former friends and peers predicted he would only enjoy the quiet life but so much. According to one of his neighbors he got himself kicked out of the program. “He apparently had somehow messed up the conditions of witness protection back in 2018,” Nik Pappaconstantine said. “He would ride down to New York with somebody else. He was always worried about the government watching.”

His former friend Kevin Chiles, founder of Don Diva Magazine, theorizes that Po couldn’t resist the allure of the life. “He wanted to peg his hat on redemption,” he said. “He’s a narcissist beyond anything that I could put my finger on. He needed that attention.”

The reason for his murder is still unknown at this time. Most recently Damon Dash confirmed he is producing the sequel to Paid In Full which is loosely based on the stories of Alpo Martinez, Rich Porter and Azie Faison.

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