The News U Absolutely, Positively Cannot Use

(these stories are completely untrue and made up for comedic purposes only.  But lawsuits are still welcome because I need the publicity…)

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All the comedy community is praying this morning for comedian Sheryl Underwood who was arrested Tuesday nite at the airport in Chicago.  Apparently she got into a fight with a TSA agent who asked her to remove her face becuz it kept making the alarm go off in the body scanner machine……..

A shocking story was reported over the wire earlier this week concerning R&B singer LeToya Luckett. Her representative released a statement that the story about her getting into a vicious fight with two strippers in a Miami strip club is not true.  What’s even more shocking than the report is the fact that LeToya Luckett still has representatives….

Gabby Sidibe is joining the list of celebrities who that are jumping on the personal fragrance bandwagon.  She’s going after the same women who love Beyonce’s Heat, and J Lo’s “J. Lo”….her perfume is called “SweetMeat”, and has a very distinctive aroma of baked ham, salami, and roast beef with a slight hint of Canadian bacon……


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