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It can be one of the most valiant things when a person can admit they’re wrong, but that same respect isn’t given to those who are coerced into an apology. Unfortunately, the latter came into play recently with a Trump supporter in Iowa who plead guilty last week on felony charges for firing a gun into a car full of Black girls.

Yes, one of the girls was shot; no, we doubt this guy actually feels guilty. Here’s why. 


The man in question, 26-year-old Michael McKinney, was hit with charges of intimidation with a dangerous weapon and willful injury. Both charges happen to carry a max of 10 years in prison, but initially, he was looking at 32 years behind bars for the original charges, which included assault while participating in a felony, reckless use of a firearm, going armed with intent, and most importantly attempted murder.

Here’s a quick recollection of the events that led to this whole ordeal below, via NBC BLK:

“McKinney was wearing body armor and heavily armed when he participated in a pro-Trump parade of slow-moving vehicles through Des Moines on Dec. 6. Police say he had a pistol, another firearm in his vehicle and was carrying two loaded magazines.

A car carrying four Black teenage girls began following the caravan as it passed through the heavily Democratic city, with occupants trading epithets with Trump supporters.

A confrontation broke out between the teenagers and the much larger group of Trump supporters at a Capitol parking lot. Witnesses and the teen driver’s mother say the clash included racial and political taunts on both sides.

Trump supporters surrounded the girls’ car, yelling and honking horns, so the driver put the car in reverse and struck a pickup. Bystander video shows McKinney pulling a handgun from his waistband and firing into the car from 15 feet (4.5 meters) away.

The girl who was shot had been arguing with the crowd through the vehicle’s sunroof.” 

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The plea agreement saw McKinney’s four major charges dismissed, plus he won’t get sentencing enhancements that would require a mandatory five-year minimum behind bars on each count before he’d be eligible for parole. Of course, all of this was possible because assistant Polk County attorney Olubunmi Salami “pushed” him to accept the deal in order to “drastically reduce his prison sentence.”

Now just think: do you honestly think this white guy — a Trump supporter at that! — is remorseful for almost killing a car of Black teens by literally firing bullets in their car after berating them with racial remarks? Let us know your thoughts.



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