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New Orleans has lots of strict COVID-19 guidelines in place including no dancing, but that didn’t stop the 2020 Naughty N’awlins Swingers Convention from happening on November 14th.

In order to attend this year’s event, the 250 attendees were required to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test or test positive for the antibodies. Attendees were also required to keep a record of everyone they interacted with for more than 10 minutes with or without sexual contact and wear mask, but all that wasn’t enough to stop the virus from making this event a superspreader!

Within one day of the convention ending organizers had already been notified of a positive test.  By the Monday after the event, five people had tested positive, by Tuesday an additional 14 positive cases were reported, and Wednesday the number of positive cases had reached 29.  A total of 41 attendees tested positive for COVID-19 qualifying the 2020 Naughty N’awlins Swingers Convention as a superspreader event resulting in making 1 in 6 people that ill. Event organizer Bob Hannaford told The Washington Post, “If I thought for one minute that he or anyone would end up in the hospital, I would certainly not have had our event,”


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