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If you’ve ever wondered how Keke Wyatt has managed to deliver 10 children, the singer shared a video of her birthing experience on her YouTube channel to show you how it’s done.

In the clip, she shared her most recent delivery experience with son Ke’Riah David, which she says was a “scary” experience.

“This is the filming of my birth to my beautiful son Ke’Riah David with my amazing husband!” she wrote. “Just wanted to let you all in to the scary labor and delivery that I went through and let you know that my baby will be one year’s old in January he is so handsome and healthy and I thank you all for your continued love and support of my growing family!”

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In the video, we see Wyatt both in the delivery room with her mother and husband Zachariah Darring as she works to birth her 10th child (her kids come from previous marriages to Michael Ford and Rahmat Morton) and his very first. In addition to that scene, we see juxtaposed images of a celebration of the couple’s anniversary and some family sing-a-long moments. As for the hospital clips, Wyatt is seen with a full face of makeup as she deals with contractions and prepares to push out her son. She is exhausted, saying that compared to her previous deliveries, she’d been pushing much longer than she’s used to.

“I’m lightheaded,” she said. “How many more times am I going to have to push…?”

When the doctor tells her she will have to do a few more sets of really hard pushes, she sounds over it.

“I’m pushing as best as I can. I’m just tired,” she said. “Plus I only got one hour of sleep last night. His head is not too big to come out is it? Because I usually would have pushed him out by now.”

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Everyone reassures her that everything is fine, and Ke’Riah eventually makes his arrival. However, the scary moment comes when it seems that the baby is having a hard time breathing. While the nurses rub him down and celebrate, the singer can tell his cries sound stifled.

“Make sure he can breathe, y’all,” she said as the nurses say it’s “a healthy cry.” But having had 9 other babies, she can tell something is off.

“Y’all help him now,” she said. “Get him!”

As they take him to the warmer, they work to unblock his airway as he certainly seems to be struggling with breathing. Thankfully, though, everything gets cleared out and Ke’Riah ends up being just fine — and adorable.

Wyatt definitely seems to be a pro at bringing babies into the world, and knowing when to advocate for her baby when she feels like they may need some extra care. As she said though, Ke’Riah is doing just fine. He’s now 10 months old:




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