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Warm Springs GA clash

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Donald Trump is shining a spotlight on white on white violence across the land. Yesterday (Oct. 27) in  Warm Springs, Georgia, armed and very white Trump and Biden supporters got into a heated and at times violent battle outside a Democratic rally.

Raw Story got the details about the alabaster anarchy:

As the video begins, a Biden supporter wearing a face mask can be see charging at a mask-less Trump supporter.

An armed Trump supporter then puts the Biden supporter in a chokehold before tossing him to the ground.

At that point, an armed Biden supporter tries to break up the fight.

“I will fucking hurt you!” a woman yells.

The two armed men then square off.

“Back up!” the armed Biden supporter demands.

“This is peaceful!” someone shouts. “We’ve got enough violence. This is peaceful.”

A woman with a Biden sign then becomes angry and claims that one of the men involved in the skirmish is autistic.

“You want to talk about my boy?” she exclaims. “You want to call my boy a retard? I will slap the god damn taste out of your mouth.”

“Let me tell you something you aborted bastard,” the woman adds before walking away.

A couple of things also worth noting. The aggressive youngster didn’t have a chance in any fight, so the much bigger dude that picked him up and threw him down gets no points. Speaking of, that same guy wanted no smoke when they guy who was more his size stepped in to break things up. That same man, who is wearing slides, stood down handful of the Trump delegation, and they did not want the smoke. He never even had to reach for the handgun he clearly had holstered on his hip.

We’ll give the benefit of a doubt to the Biden side since it was a Democratic rally, so the Trump side was more than likely instigating.

What a time. But nevertheless, vote.

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