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Donald Trump Threatens To Shut Twitter Down After He Gets Fact-Checked

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FINALLY, Twitter has taken action against the constant lies that Donald Trump pushes on Twitter daily.

Twitter slapped two tweets from Donald Trump, alerting users that the information that he is sharing is “possibly misleading” because, honestly, it is. The tweets in question featured Trump’s insanely false claims that mail-in voting will lead to massive amounts of voter fraud leading to a “Rigged Election,” despite evidence clearly pointing to that not being the case. Oh, and the fact that Trump also uses mail-in ballots to vote as well.

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He also falsely claims that California will allow “anyone living in the state, no matter who they are or how they got there,” the ability to vote.

Twitter conveniently placed a “get the facts” link underneath both tweets. Once a user clicks on the link, fact-checkers provide information that easily debunks Trump’s claims and shares stories from Trump’s favorite news outlets CNN and The Washington Post as well as other news sources.

Twitter’s decision to fact-check the President marks the first time any social media service has decided to do so, possibly opening for the door for others like Facebook to do the same. The move comes after calls for Twitter to delete tweets from Trump that pushed a debunked conspiracy theory related to the death of MSNBC host Joe Scarborough’s former staffer.


As expected, Trump reacted BIGLY, and hilariously responded on Twitter the same social media he has beef with. In a tweet, he claimed that Twitter “interfering the 2020 presidential election,” and he “will strongly regulate, or close them down,” referring to social media companies who “silence” Republican voices. Newsflash, he is also lying about that and clearly doesn’t know how the constitution works because he can’t do that.

We just hope Twitter continues to keep the same energy when it comes to Trump’s tweets going forward. He has gotten away with peddling lies far too long.

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