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Yesterday, Diddy put his Brother Love hat on to raise money for healthcare workers in minority and underserved communities. His brand, Team Love partnered with Direct Relief, “a nonprofit humanitarian aid organization that rushes critical medicines and requested supplies to communities affected by poverty or emergencies throughout the world.”

It was a valiant effort that ultimately resulted in over $4 million in donations. And as a veteran entertainer, it was a thrill to watch. Diddy spoke with several celebrities, including DJ Khaled, Kelly Rowland, Drake.  There was a memorable salsa dancing moment with his ex J-Lo.


But there were also moments that caused controversy. Earlier in the day, Lizzo hopped on Diddy’s Instagram Live. And when she did, she did what Lizzo does, started twerking.

It didn’t take long for Diddy to run into the frame and say, “Whoa, whoa, whoa. It’s Sunday. Let’s play something a little family-friendly.”

We can all understand that. It’s a fundraiser. It was Easter, perhaps Diddy wanted to show a little reverence. Cool.

But later, that very same day, when Draya came into the chat, Diddy played “Back Dat Ass Up.” While the song is widely popular and regarded as one of the national anthems, I would never call it family-friendly.


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But the song selection wasn’t the only issue. Once he played it, Draya started twerking. And not only was there no mention of Diddy shutting it down, he, with his sons in tow, encouraged it.

The discrepancy led to many calling Diddy out for fat shaming.

Draya’s body was more sexually appealing to him so he let her rock, even though she and Lizzo were doing the exact same thing.

I’m not exactly sure what happened with this one. There’s a good chance that when Draya hopped on, it was later in the day and Diddy was in a different mind frame. Or it could be that by the time the sunset, Diddy was off that Easter Sunday tip. Who knows. There’s a good chance that some unconscious bias could have been at work here as I doubt he would have wanted to intentionally hurt Lizzo’s feelings. But who knows…

Still, the people had a lot to say about it. 


Later, Diddy hopped back on Instagram Live to share his side of the story.

“There’s one thing that I want to make clear. My queen, my sister Lizzo. When I stopped the music, it was because it had a lot of curses in there. She’s one of the best twerkers in the world, okay? So let’s keep that clear. It wasn’t about twerking. You’re allowed to twerk on Easter. It was a lot of cursing in the record and I don’t need child services knocking on my door right now. But Lizzo we love you. Everybody stop looking for the negative. Look at the positive, man.”

In Diddy’s defense, in the first video when Lizzo apologizes for twerking, Diddy begins to tell her “No, no, no…” but you know how things can get lost in translation when they’re happening over an internet connection.


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