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We know that Real Housewives of Atlanta is not a good lesson in how to actually maintain a sisterhood, but you can pull nuggets of wisdom out of these crazy situations that unfold. It was interesting to watch how these women navigated the news of Kenya’s divorce tonight, particularly NeNe, Tanya, and Marlo—the three who probably like Kenya the least. As we know, Kenya  dealt with a lot of heartache caused by Marc. Kenya even revealed to Cynthia and Kandi—her only friends on this show—that Marc had also been cheating on her. Not surprising, but I digress.

Let’s fast forward a bit.

The group went to Greece and in real life, going on a group trip with your girls is a great way to start the healing process after a major heartbreak. But being with a group of women who mutually don’t like each other would just be stressful. That didn’t stop Kenya from showing up on the girls trip (that and her contract, perhaps). Surprisingly, Marlo didn’t stir the pot and kept relatively quiet. Tanya—who would have had every right to poke Kenya given Kenya’s behavior toward her—sat quietly and listened to Kenya’s plight. Even NeNe tried to bury the hatchet. NeNe actually tried to be the bigger person. But you know what? Kenya basically said she wasn’t ready to talk to NeNe yet, which was still petty. This would have been a good time for them to finally have a genuine conversation but Kenya chose to take the low road (also because Kenya shaded NeNe at the dinner table), which then made NeNe go back into her anti-Kenya shell and now she’s back on the low road too.

That’s that…for now.

NeNe did mention that karma is a beast, and it is. We know that Kenya has a history of being antagonistic and catty, probably more aggressively than some of these other women.

Kenya burned a lot of bridges with this group and now feels alienated from women who could support her. She could especially get really good advice from those who have experienced divorce, but being petty has her hanging in the wind. The moral of the story is, treat people the way you want to be treated and don’t lose your friendships with your girlfriends.


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