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If there is one thing that we love about Keke Palmer, it’s that she keeps it real.

The Hustlers actress is never pretentious, she can laugh at herself and has no shame in revealing her flaws, which includes her battle with adult acne.

She recently took to the ‘Gram to talk about her insecurities with her skin.

“This is a happy picture of me and my loved ones. I’m trying to channel the energy I had in this photo because I woke up this morning in the worst spirit you guys, all because of my skin,” the GMA co-host captioned an Instagram post on Sunday (Jan. 19).

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Palmer also shared how hard it’s been to use product after product to not see any results.

“It’s like you can try everything (which I have) and still nothing works. Every time I think my skin is on the up and up I turn around and I’m broken out even worse than before,” she added. “Scarred up and wondering which products I have to throw out if not ALL. Feeling completely insecure which in turn makes you irritable and just self-conscious for the smallest reasons.”


Continuing on, she claims she opened up because she wanted to help other folks feel better about their battle with the bumps.

“I just thought to share because I know I’m not alone and people always try to cheer you up or say you look beautiful which makes it worse because that’s not how YOU FEEL. Then you feel bad about feeling bad smh. But, I think it’s okay to feel those things and to let yourself be for a minute.”


This isn’t the first time that Palmer has kept it 100 about her acne.

Last summer on Strahan Sara and Keke, she shared a story about how Tyler Perry helped pay for her to go to a dermatologist back in the day. According to her, that act of kindness was a gamechanger.

“I’ve struggled with this for years and I still do and it’s acne. I’ve battled it and documented it on social media,” she said. “I remember it got so — whew chile! [laughs] I remember it got so bad when I was around 13 or 14, I was at the NAACP Awards and just a year before, I did Madea’s Family Reunion with Tyler Perry. We saw him at the awards and you could tell I was pretty insecure about it. It was obvious to see. He actually pulled my mom to the side and said, ‘I’m actually going to pay for you guys to take her to a dermatologist.’ It really made a difference in my life,” she said.

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Listen, we understand that the struggle is real! We appreciate Keke keeping it real.

Have you struggled with acne in the past or even now? How do you deal?

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