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Nostalgia must be a huge cash crop for these companies because every other day, there’s a remake or reboot in the works.


We’d love to see some shows return and get the chance to enjoy the cast once again, but let’s face it — some shows don’t need to be brought back. Some shows should be reintroduced to another generation, but some shouldn’t tamper with their classic legacy. So, where does Martin lie in that scenario?


27 years ago, the classic sitcom aired, changing the way Black folks viewed comedy forever.


And according to Martin Lawrence‘s fiance, there may be a Martin reboot in the works. Back in 2018, Moradfar shared via Instagram that she got word from Martin himself that there was a ‘Martin’ reboot in the works.


Martin’s eye emoji comment insinuates that the rumors are true. However, times are different now and the world is way more sensitive than it use to be. Just think of how Tichina Arnold’s character, Pam, was portrayed on the show. She couldn’t get a man, was called every animal under the sun by Martin, and her “Beady Beads” and weave were the butt of every one of Lawrences jokes.

These days, Martin would be considered an extremely problematic misogynist and chauvinist. Remember the classic episode when he dissed Gina on his radio show after just a few months of dating?


Don’t get me wrong, Martin is still one of my favorite sitcoms of all time. However, as you grow up and put your childish ways behind, you tend to see the world differently.


What does his loyal fan base think about a reboot?

To reboot or not to reboot? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter and Facebook. Hit the flip to see what else folks had to say about a possible ‘Martin’ part two.

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