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The premiere of ‘Leaving Neverland’ on HBO was shocking and jaw-dropping with all of the allegations that we made against the King of Pop.  Two alleged victims Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck give a detailed account of their time with Jackson.  Below we give you the abbreviated version of everything we learned from the documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’.

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Wade Robson was born in Brisbane Australia and became a fan of Michael Jackson in the days of Triller.  Like any kids across the world, Wade began to dance and sing like Jackson perfecting his moves.  At five-years-old Wade entered a dance contest where the winner would get to meet Jackson at one of his upcoming concerts in Australia.  Wade won the dance contest and met Jackson backstage after the show.  Jackson invited Wade to join him on stage at his next show the following night.  Just as promised Jackson pulled Wade on stage to dance with him.  The next day Wade and his mother go to Jackson’s hotel hoping to give him a thank you letter.  One of Jackon’s staff members saw them and told Jackson who then invited them to his room.  Wade claims they spent two hours with Jackson visiting.

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Two years later Wade had joined a dance company and made a visit to the United States.  Wade’s family successfully tries to contact Jackson while in the U.S. and invites them to visit his home Neverland for the weekend.  The Robson family planned on visiting the Grand Canyon but Wade wanted to stay with Jackson and his parents let him.  Wade spent five days with Jackson while his family was gone.  During this time is when Wade claims his sexual relationship with Jackson began including oral sex.  When the Robson’s returned to pick up Wade, he didn’t want to go.  So they extended their time at Neverland, where Wade claims the sexual abuse continued every night.

The Robeson’s returned to Australia but still kept in communication with Jackson.  After some time had passed Jackson invited Wade back to participate in the marketing campaign for his shoe line with LA Gear.  The campaign would take six weeks to complete.  Wade’s mother came with him.  Jackson asked Wade’s mother to let him stay for a year with him but she said no and allowed him to say with Jackson longer before going back to Australia.

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After some time passes Wade’s parents split up.  Mrs. Robeson decides that she and Wade are moving to Los Angeles in hopes to be with Jackson.  When they get to LA they immediately notice that the relationship between Wade and Jackson isn’t the same.  Jackson invites Wade to be in his ‘Black or White’ video but when they showed up to set they met MaCaulay Cogan.  Wade felt MaCaulay had taken his place as Jackson’s “best friend.”  Over time, Jackson still visits Wade and the alleged sexual abuse continues.  Wade ask Jackson to go on his upcoming tour with him but Jackson declines, taking another young boy with him named Brett Barnes.

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