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An Ohio woman is making weird news headlines all over the nation after she lived with an IUD in her abdomen for over a decade. Back in 2007, Melinda Nichols decided she was done having babies and had the intrauterine device inserted…but weeks later, it was nowhere to be found. The New York Post reports:

“In late 2007, Melinda Nichols of Chillicothe, Ohio, decided she had delivered her last child. She’d already tried the pill and a form of the Depo-Provera shot without success. So, a few weeks after her youngest son’s birth, she opted for the Mirena intrauterine device (IUD), a semi-permanent form of hormonal birth control. Nichols returned to the doctor who performed the insertion for a follow-up just a couple weeks later. She was told a routine X-ray would be taken to make sure her IUD was in the same place her doctor had left it. The X-ray showed no IUD.”

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According to the report, the doctor told her the IUD “fell out,” at which point she asked “Wouldn’t that be something I would have seen?” The suspect doc “assured her it can happen without notice, and suggested she get another one. Frustrated, she made the final call to have a tubal ligation instead,” NY Post states.

Over a decade later, Nichols had another abdominal x-ray done after straining her back at work. “You need to call your OB,” the doctor told her, according to the site, adding “Your IUD is in a weird spot.”

“Her X-ray showed that the implant had apparently punctured through the cervix and migrated up the abdominal cavity. Nichols was understandably baffled,” NY Post goes on. Apparently, this may have occurred due to an insertion by an inexperienced practitioner:

“Dr. Stephen Chasen, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist at Weill Cornell Medicine & NewYork-Presbyterian, says IUD ‘migration’ happens due to ‘perforation’ of the uterine wall. This may occur during the insertion process thanks to an inexperienced practitioner. Or, the IUD may “erode” through the uterus and end up floating somewhere in the abdomen. This happens to about one out of every 1,000 IUD patients.”

Last month, Nichols went in to have the IUD removed via laparoscopy. “Using snaking cameras and robotic arms, surgeons explored her lower organs in search of the rogue implant,” according to the NY Post. Click here to see a photo of the IUD in question and let us know, after reading this, what your preferred method of birth control will be…because whew, chile.


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