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Aretha Franklin has officially been laid to rest, but the Internet can’t stop talking about her funeral and the memorable Black church moments that came out of it.

1. Ariana Grande’s Little Black Dress


Source: ANGELA WEISS / Getty

Someone should have told Ariana Grande about the Black church before letting her walk up in Aretha Franklin’s funeral in this leg-bearing black dress. Not a prayer cloth was in sight to shield Ariana Grande from the stares of Bill Clinton and Jesse Jackson, who perked up as soon as the pop star walked on stage.

2. How Long It Was…

Black folk shouldn’t be surprised that Aretha Franklin’s home going service took us into 2019, after all it was a religious Black occasion, which mean there were probably multiple tithe collections and someone in the last pew yelling “Take your time.”

3. Cicely Tyson’s Hat

Soul Music Icon Aretha Franklin Honored During Her Funeral By Musicians And Dignitaries

Source: Scott Olson / Getty

Cicely Tyson is the First Lady you face off against in the final round of Sunday’s Best after you defeat all the deconettes.-a s

4. If Sis Is Alive…

In her defense, it was a long service.

5. Gladys Knight’s Health

Celebrities Attend The 2018 US Open Tennis Championships - Day 2

Source: Jean Catuffe / Getty

While offering remarks at Aretha’s funeral, Gladys Knight alluded to sharing the same “disease” as the late queen of soul, leading fans to believe she was battling pancreatic cancer.

“The last time I talked to her, we were at the same hotel and we didn’t know it,” she said, explaining that afterwards they “got to talking and everything and at that time we shared the fact that we had the same disease.”

However,  Knight’s publicist says otherwise. Knight “does not have pancreatic cancer,” Schwartz told the Detroit News. “She is fine.” Strange.

6. Fantasia’s Performance

You know you’re in for a holy ghost treat when Fantasia kicks off her shoes and that bottom lip drops open. Fanny took us to on a spiritual journey and left some of us in desperate need of a church fan.

7. This Really Uncomfortable Moment Between Ariana Grande & Bishop Charles Ellis

Ariana Grande is trending on Twitter after it appears she was groped at Aretha Franklin’s funeral. Things got really weird when Bishop Charles Ellis inappropriately grabbed Ariana Grande, by her breast, to apologize for mistaking her name for a Taco Bell combo. Ariana looked extremely uncomfortable but played it off with an innocent giggle. But it’s hard not to watch the clip and feel disgusted by the Bishops brazen behavior and disregard for her personal space. Whether her dress was too short, or not, it doesn’t give any man the right to find an oportune time to fondle a woman. Sickening.

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