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Newlyweds Faith Evans & Stevie J are reportedly already talking babies!

According to TMZ, when asked if they have any plans to try and expand their family Evans said, “I’m pretty fertile, he is too! He ain’t shootin’ blanks!” Stevie J has at least six children and Faith has four.

“There was always a love there, but I never saw him in a romantic way, he knows that’s true,” Faith explained of their dynamic, reports TMZ. However, Stevie J shared that their first kiss happened in the studio and he knew she was something special.

“She just had to feel these soft lips,” he laughed. According to TMZ, the couple also dated for a few years and didn’t want to get married in an impromptu fashion.
“She shot me down because I wasn’t ready,” Stevie noted of the earlier possibility of tying the knot way back when.
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