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The internet can be savage and truly have your feelings hurt, especially if you are a celebrity. Comment sections will be filled with supportive messages as well as mean, nasty comments. One celeb who got tired of it and wanted to teach the internet a lesson is Keyshia Cole. She is sick of the body shaming Instagram comments, so she pulled a publicity stunt to shut everyone up. The west coast rep posted a pic to her IG yesterday (July 6) stating that she was expecting, which led to an outpour of congratulatory messages throughout her comments.

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Cole later went back to Insta to clear the air and say her post was false, and called out those who body shame her and claim she looks pregnant in her pictures that she posts on a regular basis.

” I kinda apologize for trolling yesterday telling y’all I was preggo [but] y’all need to stop body shamming me and saying I’m PREGNANT EVERY OTHER DAY!!! Like seriously, it hurts my feelings,” she wrote in her caption.

Body shaming is a terrible thing, but was her attempt to put an end to it effective? Could she had shut down the naysayers in another way? Either way, let’s hope folks listened and will stop tearing her down.

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