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Kenya Moore is at least vaguely aware that she’s not a fan favorite of The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) viewers and she does acknowledge that she’s kind of a lightning rod among the peaches. But with that status has come a fair bit of mistrust between her and the public.

Kenya could tell us that water is wet and most of us would question whether she was telling the truth. And yes we know she has lied about some things in the past; however, there are moments when RHOA fans should give her benefit of the doubt, they just don’t. And that makes me wonder why is it that we have such a hard time believing Kenya when she speaks on personal matters?

It’s true no one pulls a stunt quite like Kenya does and she came onto the reality show scene creating waves. Her gregarious nature rubbed Phaedra Parks the wrong way as she flirted with the southern belle’s then-husband Apollo Nida. Things just went all the way downhill from there as she’d get into feuds with different costars on a regular basis. That’s par for the course on any reality show, but her difficulty forming friendships with the cast also made it harder for her to be seen as an endearing figure to viewers. Add in the murky circumstances surrounding her fake relationship with Walter Jackson, and it’s not hard to see how her likability (and her credibility) took a major hit in her first season on the show.

Unfortunately, Kenya’s never really been able to recover in the eyes of the show’s fans. Even when she’s telling the truth, people are skeptical. Kenya may not directly lie (we’ll leave that to Phaedra), but she definitely finesses the truth on a frequent basis. She keeps her cards very close to the vest and that might be part of what makes an already unsympathetic public less likely to trust her word. But, it may be time to cut her some slack.

When Kenya denied trying to hook up with Apollo, no one believed her until receipts were produced that backed up her account of events. When she got married to Marc Daly, her own castmates doubted the validity of the union because she was so secretive about her new husband’s identity. Her attempts to dispel rumors about her firing last season were pretty vague, but not disingenuous. Although her presence was not as prominent for a few episodes, she ultimately lasted the remainder of the season.

Now that she’s pregnant, Kenya still can’t catch a break. No one seems to believe that she’s expecting. As rumors of her possible pregnancy began circulating, people did not hesitate to openly question the news. Wendy Williams, who also had difficulty conceiving, made it known on her show that she does not think Kenya is actually getting ready to welcome a child. Mind you, she said that after Kenya shared pictures of her growing baby bump. Not to mention, she had long since shared video of an ultrasound session.

During the season 10 RHOA reunion, Kenya confirmed that she and her husband are getting ready to have a baby. However, as has been her habit since getting hitched, Kenya’s was incredibly vague about the due date. That only served to deepen the suspicion surrounding her pregnancy news. Fast forward about two months and Kenya has been very transparent about the progress of her baby bump. She can’t hide anything-especially not if she wants to drum up interest in her prospective storyline for RHOA season 11.

Speaking of RHOA season 11, the official cast has not been confirmed, but filming for the new season is expected to begin soon and there are rumors that Kenya’s peach has been revoked.

It’s not a secret that she has been in trouble with Bravo producers ever since she ran off and got married without the cameras. This year, she was also relegated to the end of the couch at the season 10 reunion, and everybody knows that that is subtle shade. Kenya replied to chatter she’s been cut from the cast with the following video to let her followers know that she’s the housewife with the ratings pull.

Nevertheless, some still wonder whether it’s RHOA producers she’s trying to convince or fans.

Having people speculate about the authenticity of your life is, ironically, something that comes along with reality TV. But when it comes to Kenya, fans might want to consider she’s a bit more real than they think.

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