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Most of the world agrees that the cancellation of the rebooted Roseanne sitcom was justified and overdue after the comedienne posted a series of racist tweets likening Valerie Jarrett, former senior advisor to President Barack Obama, to an ape. However, a few celebrities have stepped forward to attempt to help offended viewers see reasoning behind Roseanne’s actions. Xscape singer Tiny recently shared with news outlet TMZ that she believes the ABC’s decision to cancel the show was drastic and perhaps the controversial star should’ve been given a second chance:

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“I heard about [the controversy]. I don’t know exactly what she said.”

“I mean, I think she should have been reprimanded, I don’t know. I don’t know about cancelling the show, there could have been a lot of other ways she could have been dealt with.”

Tiny shared that cancelling the show doesn’t only do a disservice to the star, but also cast and crew employed by the show:

“I feel like it hasn’t been that big as, you know, taking away someone’s show…that was a big thing that she said.”

“I feel bad for [the show’s workers], now they’re out of a job.”

While Tiny may have a point, the cast and crew had to have some inkling of the risk they were potentially signing up for when signing on to join a show whose star has expressed troubling political and cultural views in the past.

But Tiny isn’t the only one sending some sympathy Roseanne’s way. Singer K. Michelle recently attempted to shed some light on Barr’s actions. The “More Issues Than Vogue” artist took some time on Twitter to share her own personal experiences with the effects of Ambien, the insomnia medication which Barr says she was under the influence of at the time she tweeted her insensitive remarks:

Fans were quick to remind the singer that Ambien doesn’t transform users into racists but it’s use may allow someone’s inner racist to surface if in fact those are truly their beliefs, medicated or not:

We appreciate the “Drugs are bad mkay” teachable moment that K. Michelle tried to have on social media, but honestly TV is probably better off with one less celebrity getting a paycheck and a platform to share their hateful beliefs.

Speaking of Michelle’s, Barr appears to be tweeting away again despite announcing she’d be leaving the social media platform in an apology posted shortly after her hateful remarks. The 65-year-old is now placing blame on former First Lady Michelle Obama as to why her show was canceled. Barr retweeted a theory on Tuesday that claims ABC President Channing Dungey spoke with former First Lady, Michelle Obama in a phone conversation about the incident before officially deciding to pull the plug on the sitcom. It appears that Barr has a lot in common with Donald Trump who she often praises in refusing to see the error in her own bigotry.

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