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Hmm, has Toni Braxton had some plastic surgery recently? That question is being asked by folks because a new pic of the singer taken while she was in a car has got some debating whether she’s gone under the knife … again.

You may recall that back in 1993, she revealed that had a nose job while recording her debut album. In any event, she captioned the recent image, ”Vibes.” And no, we don’t have a clue as to what she’s specifically referring to.

But of course it didn’t matter ’cause what onlookers were focused on was her tiny schnoz.

“You look cute booo but ya nose looks smaller,” a fan commented. “Like it was none.”

“Now what in the hell happened to the other portion of your nose!? Commmmeonnnnnnn…” someone else said.

“Did you get a nose job?” on fan wondered. “It’s looking awfully thin. Birdman brought that undercover freak out in you! 😎 rockin 51!”

“She a pretty lady but [why] she re-do her nose smh,” another said.

However, another fan pointed out it’s the performer’s longtime battle with Lupus that is causing her face to appear different.

“It’s because of her having Lupus including the steroids and other medications that she’s taking for her illness,” a fan reasoned before adding to another commenter that “it’s been the same nose that she has on her face since the early 90s. Toni only had one nose job back in the 90s she even admitted that in her memoir. 🙄

Well, if you’re waiting on the 50-year-old singer to comment on what folks are now saying her nose, all you’re gonna get is crickets. However, she doesn’t have a problem speaking on her 25-year-old procedure we referred to at the top.

“We didn’t finish the album, so I was singing with a fresh nose job, which is virtually impossible because it hurt so bad – you can’t really move it,” she told PrideSource in March. “Well, I don’t know how they do nose jobs now. I think they do it from the inside – well, that was from the inside too, but you had to wear this little thing on it and after they took it off, it was so sore. You can’t hardly move under your nose and in between your lips, and I remember it was really difficult to sing.

And you know folks, it could just be the picture!

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