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Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta opens on a sad note. Kirk’s mother passed away so he and Rasheeda are in New York to bury her. Kirk is glad that he and Rasheeda put their differences aside in this time of grieving and is starting to realize how grateful he should be to have Rasheeda in his life and how much he played himself. You know how that goes—don’t take family for granted and all that good stuff. Kirk finally gives Rasheeda a genuine apology for all of his behavior.


Spice complains to Erica Mena that working with Tommie has been difficult. In other news, it looks like Spice and Tobias, Tokyo Vanity’s ex, have a flirtation going on, and Spice plans to take him up on his offer for a date. We all know that’s going to be some mess. Erica then discusses her music career moves and how she has decided to not work with Danger Zone. That’s when Spice reveals that she heard that Estelita is still messing around with Stevie J. Erica is annoyed, for obvious reasons and says that this is the type of thing that messed up their friendship in the first place. Basically, Erica is over Estelita putting herself in messed up situations with Stevie then crying and playing the victim when Stevie does what he does because we all know by now that Stevie gon’ Stevie.


Karlie Redd made good on her promise to do some snooping around about BK Brasco’s activities and managed to get some tea from a woman named Amber Priddy. We all know that BK Brasco is supposed to be Sierra’s boyfriend situation so she’s not going to be happy about this. Karlie thinks it’s a great idea to rent out a classy space where herself, Mimi, Sierra, Amber Priddy, and Tokyo Vanity to come together so everything can be put all out there. Mimi is there to keep the peace and Tokyo Vanity is Sierra’s friend so that’s moral support, I guess.


Anyway, Amber says that she and BK Brasco have a thing going on. It’s not about love, but they have sex every time they see each other. She also says that according to BK Brasco, he and Sierra aren’t together and she has receipts, but we’ll get to that in a minute. Another woman named Joy walks in. Sierra does Joy’s eyebrows and Joy is also BK Brasco’s artist. But it also turns out that Joy and BK Brasco got a thing going on too. Amber says that BK told her that he also messes around with Joy. Sierra wants to know why the heck Joy never mentioned anything before. Joy says she doesn’t have any drama with Sierra and she didn’t mention it because it’s complicated. Basically, BK Brasco told Joy that he and Sierra are best friends and they do business together. That’s when Amber pulls out a conversation she recorded between she and BK Brasco confirming such. He is straight up saying that Sierra is his best friend. She says she taped this conversation because she knew something like this would happen. Now Sierra is really pissed. She’s mad at BK Brasco, at Amber, at Joy, and at Karlie Redd for thinking this meeting was a good idea. Meanwhile, Mimi is just confused. She’s sitting there looking like…


Because what’s the purpose of this? We all know, it’s because Karlie loves being messy.

And then…Karlie and Joy go back and forth because Joy is also wondering wtf! Joy throws a drink in Karlie’s face and Sierra and Tokyo walk out. Karlie is pissed at Sierra for walking out because, in her mind, she did this for her, and even took a drink for her.



Later on, Sierra confronts BK Brasco about all of the above and he does what every creep on this franchise does—deny, deny, deny and then tries to turn to tables. He’s annoyed that she would believe these rumors and denies messing around with Amber.


But when Sierra brings up Joy, his stutter game is strong until he gets his story together. He says that he and Joy had a fling when he first moved to Atlanta. Sierra asks why he didn’t say anything before, but he said that he dealt with Joy while Sierra was still with Shooter, that it was done before they got together and that he didn’t feel it mattered anymore. Sierra ate it up.


On a brighter note, Keely and Bleu got their ish together. Keely let him see his son again and it was such a sweet reunion and now back to the drama…

The episode winds down with Erica paying Estelita a visit. She wants to know how Estelita went from crying about Stevie playing her to sleeping with him again. Erica outright asks Estelita what the heck is up then starts admonishing her and telling her that she needs to be careful about Stevie and generally messing up her reputation. Erica is all of a sudden the oracle because she had her own similar situation with Rich Dollaz. Estelita isn’t trying to hear it now that Stevie is finally doing what she wants with her music and she wishes Erica would reserve her judgment for someone else. She is a grown woman so, that’s that.

But once again, we all know that Stevie J is gonna do what Stevie J does and that Erica is actually right in this situation.

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