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With this episode we find the Braxton sisters still in Las Vegas readying Toni Braxton’s big award day at the 2017 Soul Train Awards and her 50th birthday celebration. Daddy, Michael Braxton Sr., and brother, Michael Jr., are there too and ready to turn up at what’s supposed to be a fun party.

Frick and Frack, also known as Trina and Traci, really put their heads together to try to plan a fabulous birthday celebration that their sister would enjoy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work out that way. Toni shows up to the dinner expecting a wow effect once she enters but, that wow effect is not there – and neither is the entire family. Toni notices the absence of certain individuals and asks “Where is everybody else?”

Towanda’s missing because she has prior obligations with her stage play. Toni’s man, Birdman, isn’t there because he also has a show, and baby sis Tamar is still MIA, probably somewhere with an attitude after hearing what Ms. E said to TMZ.

Not only did Tamar not show up for her sister’s dinner but, she’s also still not answering nor returning anyone’s phone calls. She does however show up at the Soul Train Awards like everything is fine and dandy and even does a little three-second duet with Toni during her set.

We’ll get into the details of that in a minute but first let’s go back to this birthday party/dinner that’s a complete drag.

Trina and Traci come up with the theme “Toni Braxton Through the Ages” and decorate the room with several photos of Toni and her many looks throughout her career. There’s a photo of short hair Toni, long hair Toni, red hair Toni and Toni wearing that unforgettable risqué Grammy 2013 gown that left very little to the imagination. (OK Toni!)

In addition to the photos, both Traci and Trina pay homage to their sister by choosing one Toni style to portray at dinner. The only issue – Toni has no clue that’s what they’re doing.

Trina is sitting next to Toni wearing a short black wig, fishnet pantyhose, and a white collared shirt with a red jacket on the side. Toni thinks she’s going out to do a show or something and wonders why she’s dressed like that. Trina pulls out the picture of Toni’s “Breathe Again” cover art to show her the look she’s trying to mimic.

Then Traci explains her outfit, which is supposed to be a replica of Toni’s “You’re Makin’ Me High.” Judging from Toni’s facial expressions, Traci missed the mark.

The girls aren’t the only ones playing dress up at Toni’s party. When Daddy makes an announcement that he brought along with him a special surprise guest for Toni, things go from “Where is everybody?” to “You can’t be serious.”

Braxton Sr. gets up from the table and leaves the room to go get the guest, and in anticipation you almost think he’s going to surprise her with Birdman, Ms. Wanda (his wife), or even Tamar. But NOPE! Daddy comes back in the room dressed in full drag, wearing a flowered muu muu dress, pearls around his neck and a short blonde wig.

He’s supposed to be dressed as the girls’ grandmother (his mother), Mother Eva. Ummmm….alright Daddy!

Luckily, Mother Eva only stays for a moment and then exits the building. As nicely as she possibly could say it, Toni lets the girls know that her party was a bust. But, as Tamar would say, if she actually showed for the party – They Tried It!


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