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Hampton University is normally known as the “Black Ivy League.” The Root reports that recently students got together to protest a number of issues going on at the university. Between sexual assault, safety and lack of campus maintenance students want to fight for change.

These issues have been going on for quite a while and have become more public as students talk about it on social media. Hampton University has also been experiencing a number of sexual assault issues that haven’t been addressed. They continue to blame the schools President William Harvey on not making the changes necessary and educating students on sexual assault.

Students staged a silent protest on Harvey’s lawn. Kimberly Burton, a graduating senior said, “The campus put up lights and emergency stations around campus to make sure students are safe. Many of them—I’m standing in front of one of the emergency stations right now—just don’t work. I’d like to invite President Harvey to eat in the cafeteria for one week. I would love to see him live in the dorms for seven days straight. The school’s response isn’t a way to fix these problems. It’s a way to shut us up. It’s almost like resistance is futile.” We will keep you posted on if any changes occur.

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