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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop is all about truces and petty ish. The gang’s all back from St. Maarten and attempting to move forward with whatever they’ve got going on. Safaree is working on his St. Maarten hurricane relief song (“Paradise (Remix)”) and mentions to his boys that Yandy has been trying to take over his project. He’s not feeling it and plans to let her know that she is not an executive producer or any kind of producer on this project.

Bri tells Dreamdoll that she deaded her beef with Mariahlynn in St. Maarten. Dreamdoll is annoyed because she jumped into the beef for her, which resulted in her beefing with her “Gwinnin Sister.” Now Dreamdoll feels like since she and Mariahlynn have beef for real (since they physically fought), then Bri needs to ride for her. You know, bird logic.


On the other side of the coin, we have Mariahlynn and Bianca. Mariahlynn reveals that she squashed her beef and even recorded on the same song as Bri. Bianca doesn’t like this at all, but Mariahlynn seems to talk some sense into her and even offers to get her on Safaree’s song (which actually sounds good). Bianca, surprisingly agrees. And then, later on, Mariahlynn and Dreamdoll even manage to call a truce too.


Speaking of truces, Kiyanne got some time to cool off and really hears what Jaquae has to say about the night Anais flashed him her vajayjay (it was just Anais being…Anais, and apparently, Bri was in the room too). She believes Jaquae and they get back on good terms. But let’s get back to Mariahlynn. Now we’re at Safaree’s home studio in Tribeca. Mariahlynn arrives first, asks Safaree for the favor for Bianca as previously discussed and he’s cool with it. Then Bianca shows up and not surprisingly, starts being petty and immature. She tells Bianca that she’s not going to be on the track since Bri is on it. This is her stupid way of getting back at Mariahlynn. IN Bianca’s words, it’s to show her how it feels to be backstabbed.

Wait. So…she sabotaged herself just to get back at Mariahlynn?


Yup. Bird logic.

Mariahlynn is perturbed. Safaree asks Bianca what was the point of showing up just to be negative and Bianca does the most once again, and even starts insulting Safaree!


Mariahlynn is obviously pissed.

And we’re all just looking at Bianca like…


As if she got it like that to be turning down opportunities.

Anyway, Bianca meets up with Webstar later on to rehash issues that she has with him. She accuses him of telling other artists (like Bri) not to work with her and basically talking trash about her. Webstar actually owns that he did pit she and Bri together and seems contrite. But then Bianca gets emotional, starts tearing up as she shouts at him about how she never did him dirty, etc. He then starts talking over her and telling her to cut the crap so she storms out (it’s also important to note that Bianca is also mad at him because they were supposed to be a team, but he took a record deal without her). And that’s where we end for her but it’s obvious she needs therapy that she probably won’t get on this show.


Next week is the season finale.


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