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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York is primarily about squashing beef for the sake of a good cause. We pick back up with Bianca and Bri’s brawl at Yandy and Remy Ma’s attempted peace talk. By this point, Dreamdoll jumps in on behalf of Bri and then MariahLynn pops off for her girl Bianca. Yandy mentions once again that the constant fighting is why she severed business ties with Bianca. Remy says that this is making her reconsider working with MariahLynn on a track. In short, Bianca is no longer invited to St. Maarten since she’s the one that started all of this.

It is really silly that she has had how many fights with Bri (that she started) and still hasn’t gotten it out of her system.


Later on, we find out that Remy isn’t even going on the trip because she has to start IVF around the same time, by doctor’s orders.


Anais and Jonathan get together to celebrate his birthday. Anais mentions that she’s back at home with her kids, but it’s not quite all-good with Ruben yet and she’s not sure about whether they’re getting divorced or not. Then Yandy and Juju show up and Anais says she feels some type of way about Yandy. Basically, she’s jealous of Yandy and Jonathan’s friendship and feels like Yandy is stealing him away from her. Yandy eventually starts talking about her upcoming charity work trip in St. Maarten and Jonathan suggests that Anais come as his plus one to help her escape the madness she created in her life. Yandy stresses that this is a work trip and that there better be no shenanigans.


DJ Self meets up with MariahLynn and tells her that she needs to go to St. Maarten and act like she has some sense, especially because DJ Self wants her to join Safaree and co (aka Bri, Dreamdoll, etc) to record a song for a hurricane relief effort and she has to learn how to keep her hands to herself. MariahLynn agrees. We’ll see how this goes.

This is her last chance with DJ Self.

Now we’re in St. Maarten. Jonathan, Bri and Anais are staying at Yandy’s villa and Anais starts acting a fool immediately. They’re supposed to be packing boxes with supplies but Anais comes out in a bathing suit and tries to lounge and drink cocktails like this is a vacation.


Jonathan and Yandy call Anais out and give her major side eye, but you know Anais does what she wants.


Safaree (still wearing a fur coat in a hot arse caribbean island), Jaquae (invited by Safaree) , MariahLynn and Juju get to the latter two’s villa. Jaquae reveals that he invited is girl Kiyanne who will be arriving soon, but then MariahLynn says that Kiyanne has issues with Bri. You already saw how Kiyanne acted around Sophia Body, so Jaquae is rightfully nervous.

Meanwhile back in New York, Bianca is preparing for a major performance coming up and she invites Hennessy Carolina (Cardi B’s little sister), who just finished fashion school, to help her pick out and outfit and to vent about what has been happening with Yandy and how they went to St. Maarten without her. She’s especially pissed that MariahLynn went on the trip and didn’t tell her until the last minute.


Back in St. Maarten, we find Yandy and co handing out lunches to school children. It’s all good until Anais decides to pull Yandy aside because she feels like Yandy has been judging her. Yandy says Anais is tripping and cites the whole Anais trying to chill while they were supposed to be working thing.

Basically, this once again boils down to Anais being jealous that Yandy is also friends with Jonathan. Anais threatens to bring out her crazy side. Yandy says she handles crazy well (and if you’ve seen how she deals with Mendeecees’ babymamas then you know it’s true), which only upsets Anais even more. Anais starts spouting off random incoherent obscenities and Yandy walks away, unbothered.

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