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This 102-year-old woman reminds us that age ain’t nothing but a number!

Ida Keeling, who is also an avid runner, recently shared some of her health advice with Allure–and it’s pretty LIT. One of her secrets to better her wellness includes taking a shot of Hennessy everyday.

“The doctor put me on Hennessy in 1972 because I had poor circulation. I take me a lil shot in a glass straight,” she said.


Obviously liquor isn’t the only thing that she swears by for staying alive.

Keeling also suggests, “Eating for nutrition and not for taste. I drink cod liver oil in the morning. I take that and orange juice and all kind of vegetables.”

When it comes to exercising, the marathon runner is adamant that it should be done daily. “Make sure you exercise every day, exercise is the best medicine out there,” she says. “Because if you don’t use it, you’re going to lose it.”

Just amazing.

As we wrote above, Keeling is a record-breaking runner who  made history in 2016 for being the oldest woman to complete a 100-meter run.

Take a look:

Talk about an inspiration!

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