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Vincent Herbert And Tamar Braxton Host A Night To Celebrate Tamar's GRAMMY Nominations

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While on tour Tamar Braxton has been very vocal about her marriage with Vincent Herbert. For several months now there have been rumors that Herbert has cheated on her, beat her and other things. According to Rolling Out, she filed for divorce, but then changed her mind about giving it a second chance.

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Herbert has allegedly changed his ways and is ready to show Tamar he can be a better man. She said recently during a concert, “You know I mean I love him and everything but here is the thing: Imma need my man, you know, to appreciate me.” She also revealed, “And Imma need him to know what he has in front of him, okay? Because really what happens was I messed around and learned my worth.”

Many of Tamar’s fans believe she should take him back. On the past couple of episodes of their show “Tamar & Vince” we see some things they went through and it’s hard to watch. We will update you on what happens between Tamar and Vince.

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