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World AIDS Day 2016 - Candlelight vigil in Copenhagen

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Kecia Johnson was a sophomore at Sam Houston State and was living out her dreams while at school. As any young woman she then was looking for what she details as “prince charming” and thought she found him. According to XO Necole, Johnson said, “He was a well-known Houston area rapper. He was charming and well-connected and from the moment we met, we were inseparable.”

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He even was able to get her a job as a promotions assistant where she became very successful in other positions. She said, “Our life was filled with power, sex, drugs, and strip clubs.” Her life was filled with designer clothes, the hottest parties and so many other things she can’t imagine. The two broke up when she found out that he was cheating her on and even got another woman pregnant. Months later after leaving the relationship she was in the shower and passed out.

After that time in the hospital she ended up back in some time later. She will never forget that day where the physician walked in the room and said, “So, about your AIDS virus.”At that time Johnson had full-blown AIDS and things weren’t looking good. After being released from the hospital she wanted to become an advocate. She said, “I vowed to share my story with the world and inspire others about the importance of self love.”

When she spoke to her ex about what happened, but he could care less. Now Johnson, travels around the country and speaks to people living with AIDS. Right now she says the virus is undetectable. She said, “Looking back on this journey, I don’t blame myself but I do take full responsibility for my part and for not loving myself enough to walk away from a man who was not worthy of me.”

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