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Tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta brings Shamea back to our psyches. Remember her? She was also on the receiving end of the silly rumors Porsha and Phaedra were spreading. Speaking of Porsha, Lauren and her baby are moving into Porsha’s house and there seems to be a theme of more inclusion of Lauren on camera since Porsha’s relationship with the other women, except for Sheree, is cold. Meanwhile, Cynthia is looking for a man so we can most likely expect lots of blind dates for her this season. So far the dating scene isn’t hitting, but you know Cynthia is fickle so it will be amusing to watch her journey. Sheree goes to therapy because she’s still dealing with unresolved issues with her abusive marriage to Bob.

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Back to Shamea.  We’ll get to see some of her marriage journey unfold this season. In this scene, Shamea takes Kandi and Sheree shopping for African print garments. So far, Kandi confirms that she’s going to the wedding. Kandi and Shamea have actually gotten a lot closer since rumor-gate. Sheree can’t make it to the wedding due to some things going on back home, so she’s just there hanging out, and Porsha can’t make it to the wedding. The latter comes up in the discussion as a source of resentment. Shamea and Porsha have drifted apart since the incident, but Shamea did at least expect for Porsha to show up since they’ve been friends since childhood.  Porsha claims tickets are too expensive. She can’t swing $10,000 for first class, but Kandi said she actually paid $5,000. Either way, this sounds fishy. It’s safe to assume that Porsha can afford a $10,000 ticket, or fly coach.


I don’t know her life, but it seems like a frivolous excuse to miss a good friend’s wedding.

Moving forward, Sheree plans to tell her children about the abuse she experienced in her marriage as she gears up to become a domestic violence activist. Kandi and Sheree’s three friends offer moral support in the form of doing a practice run through with her and helping her figure out how she’s going to deliver the message.

Back to Shamea, who should get a dang peach already! Anyway, the group finds themselves together at a brunch celebrating Shamea’s upcoming nuptials, including Porsha and Kandi. Porsha brings her sister through for backup since no one really likes her except for Sheree and Shamea. It’s cool for the most part. Kandi is cordial, but it’s awkward. Sheree stirs the pot lowkey by asking Porsha why she’s not going to Kenya. Porsha brings up the ticket thing again and her explanation for why she “can’t do coach” is because it’s too cramped and she has that condition.


What condition?

Porsha says it has to do with circulation and getting oxygen to her brain, so being cramped up in coach would be a problem.

But can’t she just get up and walk around for circulation once the seat belt sign is off?

It would seem like it, but whatever…


That is shady, and Shamea even calls her out. Shamea says she’s still holding a spot for Kenya at her wedding and that she hopes Porsha figures it out. Porsha continues emphasizing that she’s not going.

Shamea is obviously disappointed, even though she should just leave it alone because Porsha hasn’t been acting like a real friend.

Meanwhile, Kandi and her girl are clowning the mess out of Porsha, basically illustrating that her excuse is dumb because she has clearly flown elsewhere (like cross-country flights and flights to the Caribbean, for example) when she wanted to.

Porsha and her sister leave to avoid conflict, but then the cameras catch an argument between Shamea and Porsha. Porsha was embarrassed by Kandi’s friend going in on her (even though she doesn’t say that part) and feels like Shamea shouldn’t have put her in that position. Shamea is still stating her case as to why she should come to her wedding and once again you just hope that Shamea cuts her losses instead.

Who needs fake friends anyway?

This isn’t going away anytime soon. We’ll revisit this next week.

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