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Former President Barack Obama never ceases to amaze people. While speaking at the Obama Summit the former president cracked a joke at not only Donald Trump, but others who claimed he wasn’t born in the United States. According to Huffington Post, Obama began talking about why he appreciates everyone being at the summit and how that this is where he started as a community organizer.

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Then Obama said, “Now, this isn’t where I was born, I was born in Kenya. That’s a joke.” The crowd then began to laugh at the former president and he went on to talk about growing up in Hawaii. Trump and several others during his term pushed conspiracies surrounding Obama’s birth certificate.

Obama released the “short-form” and “long-form” birth certificates just to prove he was born there and shut down the theories. Two newspapers in Honolulu even got involved and printed them to announce it as well. Trump hasn’t commented or tweeted about what Obama said, but it’s pretty cool to see Obama hasn’t lost his sense of humor.

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