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A Brooklyn 100-year-old woman is devastated and in shock after her 91-year-old husband died as a result of a home invasion earlier this week.

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According to New York 1 NewsGutsy Ethlin Thompson and her 91-year-old husband, Waldiman Thompson, were both bound and had blankets thrown over their heads when the heartless home invaders struck their brownstone. ThankfullyThompson was able to get free and call 911, but unfortunately, her husband couldn’t do the same and later died in the hospital after being found unconscious with his face pressed into a pillow.

“She said she was sitting on her bed with her husband. Her back was turned while she put her shoes on, and the person approached her from behind, by her throat, covered her mouth,” said Margaret Babb, the victim’s friend told NY-1.

Jerlene Thorne, the victim’s grand-niece also told the news station that her great aunt is still in shock. 

She’s doing the best that she can to deal with the situation that’s so unexpected. She’s still in shock.”

The medical examiner has determined that Mr. Thompson suffered a sudden heart attack and they ruled his death a homicide.

The couple had been married for 30 years.

The New York Times reported that Mrs. Thompson was 69 when she met the 60-year-old at a nearby bus stop. They soon married, and from that day were “inseparable” holding court from the steps of their brownstone, overseeing their potted-plant garden, and calling each other “honey.”

“Whoever did this, it’s evil, it’s evil in their heart,” said I.C. Serapio, a neighbor told the newspaper. “They are in their last days. It is not fair, you just took this man’s life.”

Somehow in all of this tragedyMrs. Thompson has found it in her heart to forgive the intruders.

“She said that she forgives the people that did this,” said another one of Thompson’s great nieces, Dorene Hunter. “I kissed her hand. I told her I love her. I didn’t talk about the situation.”

As if all of this wasn’t bad enough, it appears that Mrs. Thompson hasn’t come to terms with his death.

“She’s still in total denial about her husband,” a police source said. “She keeps asking for him.”

Detectives are still investigating the break-in and have yet to make any arrests.

Just heartbreaking…

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