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After the comments by Trump on this past weekend many NFL players, teams and even owners kneeled in solidarity. Former Baltimore Ravens player Ray Lewis kneeled with his teammates, but now he’s singing a new tune.

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Lewis at one point mentioned that Colin Kaepernick needed to tone down his social activism so when fans saw him kneel they didn’t know what to think. Now Lewis is singing a different tune and is saying he was praying and not kneeling. His close friend Shannon Sharpe even spoke about his disappointment in him.


According to BET, while on Showtime’s “Inside the NFL,” Lewis said, “I absolutely did not take a knee. I dropped on two knees so I could simply honor God in the midst of chaos. You got my phone number, brother. A friend, a friend, a friend picks up the cellphone and says, ‘Bro, what was your intention? What were you doing?'” Sharpe during his show responded to what Lewis said and mentioned they will continue to be the best of friends.

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