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Cardi B went from a reality star to a No. 1 spot on Billboard for her song “Bodak Yellow.” Cardi B spoke to a group last year about her aspirations and things she wants to do, but who would of though all of her dreams would’ve come true.

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She dropped several mix tapes overtime and although people might not know her for them her fans love her for it. Cardi B spoke about how she raps about everything all girls in the hood think or talk about. Rapping about jewelry, money and things of that sort didn’t interest her. She talks about fighting and not the conscious music some people want to here.

Cardi B said, “There are a lot of talented people out here. People passing out cd’s and no one wants to listen to it.” Her vibe is just different and she continues to show us that hard work really does pay off. Congrats Cardi B on making your dreams come true.

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