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The story of what happened to Kenneka Jenkins has made headlines over the past couple of days.

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The 19-year-old was found dead inside of a freezer after a hotel party.

Jenkins sister recently spoke out about the information the hotel and police have been telling her family and a lot of things aren’t adding up.

Her sister said at one point the fire department had mentioned her body was found in the freezer and then a few days earlier an employee said they found her body.

When the family was able to see where her body was found it was weird how Jenkins would even get down there if she was so called “drunk.”

Also the freezer wasn’t cold at all and when the family went to see the body her hair looked as if she had been fighting.

Her sister felt that if she was in a freezer alive and stuck she would of pushed that emergency button to get out.

In the second video her sister said, “I’m not going to stop until I get justice for my sister.”


She also is tired of people making it seem as if her sister was selling her body for money at the Rosemont hotel.

The police chief has spoken out to protestors and wants to find the answers for Jenkins family.


He mentioned that footage from the hotel will allegedly be released to the family, but until then there aren’t any answers.

We will keep you updated on any information and will continue to keep Kenneka Jenkins family in our prayers.

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