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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood opens with Ray J handling his music business, but not his personal situation–you know, telling Princess that his sperm count is low. He’s working with Bridget Kelly, and somehow you already know this is going to tie in to Princess being mad at him. It’s coming. Hold that thought.

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Aside from Ray J, the other major storyline this episode is Cisco and his One-man Creep Squad drama, the West Coast Edition. You know how Cisco has been cheating on Teairra, right? Welp, Teairra knows what’s up so she links up with Amber, the other woman, to discuss how Cisco has been Cisco’ing. He has been in an “exclusive” relationship with both women, making them believe that they are his one and only. Sloppy is as sloppy does. How could we possibly expect Cisco to do better when this is all we’ve seen from him every season on the New York portion of the franchise?


Now back to Ray and Bridget Kelly. Ray set up a photoshoot for her so this is where we are right now. Princess walks in, and it doesn’t help that Bridget is dressed in some skimpy “stripper mariachi” outfit (Bridget’s exact words). This is all strictly business, but Princess is mad because not only is Ray J putting work before her, he also didn’t tell her about this particular shoot. She wants to be working on making their baby. This makes her believe that Ray is blowing her off because he doesn’t really want to have a baby. Bridget is annoyed too because she knows what kind of drama this type of behavior can cause with significant others on reality TV shows, and she’s not about that life. So, both women are irritated. Princess storms out, and the shoot goes on as scheduled. Ray’s deal is that he’s embarrassed to tell Princess that his sperm count is low. Eventually, he tells Princess what’s up and she’s happy that he took initiative to go to the doctor, which shows that he’s serious about having a baby.


Rumor has it (according to #TheBlogs) that they are pregnant so if that’s true then things worked out. Obvi.

Lyrica, who never usually beefs with anyone except for A1 (who doesn’t count because he’s her husband), has a moment with Moniece and it’s actually gloriously shady. The scene is set at Marcus Black’s showcase. Lyrica is having an album release party of her own so she invites everyone to come through, but Moniece and Nia aren’t feeling this. Shortly after Lyrica invites the two of them, Moniece gets froggy and questions who she invited, more specifically if one of those people is Alexis Skyy. This conversation goes up in flames because Lyrica does not like Moniece’s tone. And then Moniece actually threatens to beat Lyrica’s a–. Lyrica handles it like a g though, and informs Moniece that she’d rather write hits to boost her struggling career than fist fight. Listen, Lyrica got receipts for her musical career. She wrote for Beyonce. The end.

Meanwhile, Moniece’s music career…*loses signal.


Let’s get back to Cisco’s love triangle. Teairra and Amber planned to ambush Cisco. It’s classic. Amber lured Cisco in bed with her and then TT showed up. Y’all know TT is crazy, but she keeps it surprisingly cool during the confrontation. Cisco comes out looking like a simp, once again, an the rest of us are still wondering what the heck anyone sees in him.


Anyway,  when they confront him, he starts copping pleas, but it turns out to not be a true confrontation because Amber says that she’s not going anywhere despite the fact that both women are in love with him.


This is what she said at first, but her tune changed when Cisco says he wants to be with TT and not Amber since he has to choose between the two. Amber leaves, but not before telling TT that they both have bad taste in men. Duh! Teairra isn’t with it though, so then Cisco goes off on her, saying that she has been stressing him out since he got to LA (which is super wack given that Teairra potentially has an alcohol problem), and that Amber was for fun. Wack! Wack! Wack! But what’s done is done. Again, Cisco gonna Cisco so it’s up to the women to be smart about him because he’s a liar and a creep and even plays his own friends, as we’ve seen NYC.

Teairra’s friends were right not to trust him.

Where’s he gonna go next, Atlanta? Miami?


See you next week.


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