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Dick Gregory, who died Saturday at the age of 84, was the godfather of Black conspiracy theories. In honor of his memory, NewsOne has gathered five of his top conspiracy theories:


There was nothing accidental about Prince’s drug overdose at his Paisley Park home on April 21, 2016, Gregory says. He was actually killed for confronting music industry executives. “It’s a game,” he said in response to questions about how the artist died. Watch:


Pftttt, illuminati. While the mysterious group, which is usually the mother of all conspiracy theories, but Gregory had no use for it during a 2015 interview, saying, “If you know about it it’s not [real]. It’s BS. The real things that come most Black folks don’t know about.  Black folks who can’t read or write know about the illuminati.

It’s like the Boule, (you, know the elite Black secret society). Tell me what businesses they own. What companies do they own? Y’all sitting around talking about the Boule. What goes behind that? It’s the stuff they put out, man. It’s a game.”

Patent to cure HIV-AIDS 

During a YouTube interview in September 2016, Gregory said the HIV-AIDS virus “was not passed from chimpanzees to mankind, but was probably knowingly developed by doctors and scientists working for the U.S. government. Dr. Robert Gallo filed a U.S. patent application for his invention, the AIDS-HIV Virus. The patent number is 464773, details of which can be found at the U.S. Patent Office website.” Watch:

Michael Jackson 

Gregory was one of the pop star’s confidantes. In the days before Jackson’s untimely death in June 2009, he reportedly sent for Gregory to sit by his bedside out of fear that someone was trying to kill him.

In a 2016  YouTube interview below, Gregory says Jackson’s estate owned a nearly half of Sony ATV, which made him a target of greedy executives who wanted to overtake his ownership stake, which is why he was killed.

“He had a [child-like mind],” Gregory said during a YouTube interview in 2015. “But he became one of the most powerful human beings in the world, and they killed him. When they killed him, they used simple mathematics. He was getting ready to do 50 shows in London. God can’t work 50 shows in one city. What made them think he could? And because of [his child-like personality], it never dawned,” Gregory said of Jackson. 

He was killed at 2 a.m. by a laser, Gregory said. Watch:

Bill Cosby 

Gregory  said  Cosby is being punished by executives and other powers-that-be for trying to buy NBC in the 1990s. Watch:

Did we miss any? Sound off in comments.


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