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Things got extra shady on social media for two women with one comedian in common. Eniko Hart, Kevin Hart‘s current wife, and Torrei Hart, Kevin Hart’s ex-wife, had a war of words for the world to read.

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It all started when rumors swirled that Eniko got involved with Kevin when he was still married to Torrei. One fan pointed this out when Eniko posted a picture of her and Kevin’s wedding day. In the Instagram post, Eniko was celebrating their one-year marriage anniversary and she gushed about how after eight years together, she found her soul mate in Kevin.

One follower shut all this down by saying Eniko’s eight year timeline didn’t add up, especially when taking into consideration Kevin’s marriage to Torrei.

Eniko checked the follower by saying, “Their marriage was broken way before I came in the picture. They were separated, living in separate homes. I was never a secret. She knew that as well. Don’t believe the hype.”

The fan then apologized for believing Eniko was breaking up a happy home. Eniko had more to say in response:

“It’s no problem at all. I’m basically immune to it now. Those rumors were spread from her years ago because she wanted to play the victim and not own up to her wrong doings as well. Singled me out as the mistress because we stuck… knowing damn well there was other women during their marriage. But I never wrecked any home. That was never the case and people ran with it. Only WE know how it really went down.”

You can read the back and forth below:


Apparently Torrei peeped the discussion and couldn’t just sit by while her name was being thrown around online. See Torrei’s shady response below:

Eniko must have seen Torrei’s words because she responded with a Snapchat video of her driving with her left hand on the wheel — the hand showcasing her huge wedding ring.


Fameolous eventually confirmed that Kevin and Eniko were openly together eight years ago by posting an old photo from Eniko’s Instagram account.

It pays to do your research!

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