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Tattooer in his workshop making a tattoo.

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Many people get tattoos that years later regret and then have to go through the process of getting it removed.

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Some might have even gotten hate-themed tattoos such as Nazi symbols and other things. According to Lancaster Eagle-Gazette local tattoo shop Modified Studios own Rich Regal is offering free cover-up tattoo as part of Project Hate Cover-Up.

Regal said, “You go out in public and you can’t take your shirt off because you’re afraid to offend somebody because of your tattoo. And rightfully so, you shouldn’t be offending that person. If I can do my part to get rid of that so that you can feel more comfortable and so that the people around you can feel more comfortable, then why wouldn’t I facilitate that?”

While he’s only limiting his services to five people he wants other tattoo shops to offer the same deal.

Regal got the idea from a friend and fellow tattoo artist Scott Fate that while in the military covered a swastika of someone for free in the military.

Once he posted it on Facebook it went quickly viral.

Regal is sickened by not only the recent events, but seeing how much people are hating each other on social media.

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