Captain Morgan And Team Up to Kick Off All-Star Weekend

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There has been a lot of talk about this seasons national anthem silent protest. Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch and Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett were called out by former player Jermichael Finley. He mentioned that they weren’t doing the protest from their heart and also said they were “marketing.”

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According to B.E.T. though Finley’s wife, Courtney just called him out on social media.

She went on Twitter to call him out and posted a picture of her son and then another message saying, “This serves as a reminder @jermichaelf88 in case you have forgotten; you are black.”

In another tweet she defended both Lynch and Bennet. She said, “The athletes (foremost people) you are telling to sit down (or stand) and shut up are the very men that are protesting for your safety and equality in a country that has nearly revoked that right based on your skin color.” She also spoke about being biracial herself and raising their four Black boys.

In a later tweet Jermichael spoke about learning how he can help solve racial injustice. We guess what his wife said really made him think about life.

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