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So much drama, not enough time in one episode of Power! Tonight’s episode was intense! Y’all know Angela is feeling stupid because she saw Sandoval planting the gun in the surveillance footage, so now the question is, what is she going to do about it?

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Meanwhile, Jamie is stuck with Silver, the jerk lawyer he doesn’t trust. Remember the fed raid? Silver tells Jamie that the prosecution might reveal some shady findings in his finances…if there’s anything shady to find. Jamie claims there’s nothing to worry about. However, the prosecution finds a 7-figure check written out to Tommy from Jamie. They think this check is for killing Knox.


Angela tells Sandoval that she reviewed the surveillance footage from Truth and that Jamie is nowhere to be found. However, she doesn’t mention that she saw Sandoval planting the gun. This is either really smart, or really stupid. In any event, Sandoval snaps at her and orders her keep the tapes to herself because they’ll make the prosecution look bad.


Tony, the mafia inmate that tried to extort Jamie is now colluding with Marshall Williams to try and get some money out of Jamie and Tommy, but more on that later, because it gets deeper.

Silver visits Tasha and mentions that Jamie doesn’t trust him, but that she might have to testify about Jamie’s finances. Tasha is shook about the prospect of testifying for obvious reasons, but let’s cut to the chase. The real point of this scene is to illustrate that Silver might actually be jealous of Jamie’s life, because he was sure checking out Tasha. The attraction seems mutual. 


Angela visits Jamie (with Silver present) to find out how the fingerprints got on Knox’s gun. James’ lie story is that Knox said he had evidence pointing to Angela as the mole–that time he pulled him over–so he broke into Knox’s apartment to look for evidence. Angela bluffs, thinking Jamie might be lying. Then Jamie says he was hiding in the bathroom when she stopped by the apartment and heard her convo with Knox (he drops specifics, of course). Angela drops dime about the 7-figure-check-card that the prosecutors plan to pull.

In court, the prosecution runs their play about collusion between Tommy and Ghost to kill Knox, and that’s when Silver calls Jamie to testify. Jamie explains the check was a loan to pay a now defunct security firm for his club, yatta yatta real smooth–you know how that goes. Anyway, Jamie rocked his moment on the stand, but John thinks the prosecution still has the upper hand. It’s also important to note that Simon Stern has been lurking around too. He paid Jamie a visit in jail and tried to buy him out. He then visits Tasha in court (during recess) and tries to put the bug in her ear that he can help with their financial issues and that all she has to do is call him.


Back in court, Sandoval examines Jamie and dead describes the crime he committed, but of course paints Jamie as the murderer. He does a good job getting under Jamie’s skin. It’s still not looking good for Jamie and Angela watches this, stuck on mute, and we all want to know WHY SHE’S NOT SAYING SHE SAW SANDOVAL PLANTING THE GUN! Wanna know why? Because she’s more concerned about losing her job. In other words, she’s a selfish…*loses signal.


Back in prison, Ghost is in the weight room and Marshall starts harassing him again and starts taunting him about Tasha. That’s when Ghost loses it and punches him. Their fight is vicious, but Ghost is the finisher. Ghost smashes Marshall’s face in (remember, the camera in the weight room doesn’t work) with a weight plate–Walking Dead-style! Time out, though, can we talk about how this is kind of sad IRL? Think about it, Marshall is played by Charlie Murphy and we all know that Charlie Murphy is…



Back to the show.

After Ghost takes Marshall out,Tony walks in with another inmate. Said inmate pulls out a knife and the initial plan is to get Ghost, but Tony, who is about self preservation, changes the plan and kills the inmate after seeing what Ghost did to Marshall. Now that that inmate is dead, Tony tells ghost to switch clothes with the inmate. They basically made this look like a fight suicide situation between the inmate and Marshall. Well played…maybe.


Tasha figures out the situation between Tommy and Keisha then confronts Tommy about hiding it. Tommy claims he didn’t mean to start a relationship with Keisha. He was really just trying to protect her from Milan and generally keep her in pocket since they’re using her business to launder money and she’s so scary. However, it just kind of happened this way–as things always do with Tommy. The problem is, Keisha is really into him. If he breaks her heart that could spell trouble for all of them because there’s no telling what she might do. Let Angela serve as a major lesson for how far women scorned in this universe will actually go–except for Tasha, who is stupid loyal. I digress.

Back in court, Angela finally decides to do the right thing and testifies on behalf of Jamie. The prosecution is so stunned by this revelation that they’re looking like…


And rightfully so. But at the same time, they shouldn’t have been so sloppy. Womp womp.

Angela reveals that she went to Sandoval about the tapes. John then examines her and turns up the heat about her messy relationship with Jamie and suggests that she submitted Ghost’s fingerprints to be shady. John thinks he has it in the bag, but the judge is pissed at everybody. He goes off on the entire prosecution team, and drops the charges against Jamie. YES!


The entire prosecution is suspended for being a hot mess.


Dre dishes his final payment to Kanan and implores him to leave Tariq alone. Kanan refuses then Dre tells him that he can still have what’s his because Milan is dead and that he’s back in and wants to help. Basically, Dre is still playing both sides. But what they don’t know is that Julio witness this conversation (from outside the door) and now knows Kanan is alive and that something in the milk ain’t clean.


Sandoval confronts Angela on the day they’re gathering their things from the office. He feigns indignance and tells her she let a killer go free (technically she did, but Ghost ain’t guilty of that crime, so…). Angela says she’s not going to stop until she finds out who killed Greg because the truth always come to light. Then you realize her omission of seeing Sandoval on the tapes is probably for safety. You know Sandoval would kill her on sight if he suspected that she saw him. However, she’s not in the clear yet.

Before Ghost leaves the bing, Tony gives him a burner phone and demands that he give it to Tommy. Ghost wants to know what this fixation is with Tommy (like, is that his son or something?). The only answer Tony has is that If Ghost doesn’t give the phone to Tommy then he’ll snitch about what really happened in the weight room.


The episode does not end on a high note at all. Jukebox is back and she kidnapped Tariq. She delivers the news to Kanan that Ghost is free so their plan to get money out of Ghost is back on track. Tariq is okay for now, but the clock is ticking.



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