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Meek Mill talks about the rap group he came up with, “The Bloodhounds” who he still considers family despite the fact that everybody’s different priorities caused them to pursue different directions. He talks about why he’s doesn’t feel guilty for being one who made it, and being the one financially capable to help folks out when they are in a bind. Meek also talks about his grandmother’s love and support for all his music, even though she may not like the cuss words.

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He discusses the recent shots fired by Jay-Z toward rappers taking those infamous photos with money on Instagram, and why he doesn’t feel all that attacked by it, even though he might take that picture sometimes. Meek also talks about prioritizing making music this year after being centered in and focused on a lot of rap and relationship drama. Plus, he touches on the biggest wins he’s experienced so far, like moving his family out of the hood and recognizing the positive effects that came from that. Check out this exclusive video to hear more in this clip from “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.”

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