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So far this during this season of Power, it has been crystal clear that this is just not Ghost’s season for a come up. Ghost is still locked up, this is not a dream. In fact, Marshall Williams, the pissed off cop who has been harassing Ghost, turns up the heat and nearly chokes him to death in the weight room.

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In related news, the feds are still trying to figure out their angle for the case against Ghost. Ghost meets with his council and it’s clear that Terry Silver is still a jerk. Like, what kind of lawyer is antagonistic toward their client? Anyway, Proctor is still all in at least. In a private moment alone, Ghost tells him to look into Marshall for a previous weight room incident, this may be his only way to fight back.

Proctor also comes through with more information on Tony. Turns out, Tony has major ties with the mafia. How Tony knows who they are and why Tony specifically wants Tommy to drop off the extortion money is still a mystery, but things will get interesting.

Angela is still trying to get Tasha to flip on Ghost by throwing the affair in her face and trying to make Tasha feel stupid and even trying to spin it to where they can team up to bring Ghost down and be the survivors.


But, Tasha is ride or die to a fault and does not take the bait. Meanwhile, we’re still fantasizing about the moment Tasha can drag that bish. Hopefully it comes because you know you can’t just go around beating down feds, especially when your husband is locked up for allegedly killing one.


Later on, Angela tells John that she doesn’t think Tasha will ever flip on James. Duh! Then they get a letter from Proctor. He filed a motion to suppress the gun as evidence. Later on in court, Proctor goes ham during questioning, as per usual. He successfully spins a story that agent Donovan, who found the gun, is the mole who is trying to frame Ghost. This has the rest of the defense shook, so you know John is going to spring into action. Hold that thought.

Tommy goes to Tony’s house to make the drop and ends up chatting up, Sammy, one of Tony’s former henchmen about mob stuff. The drop is successful, no feds appear, but Later on we find that Sammy was verifying Tommy’s identity for Tony. Tony’s wife overhears this convo between Sammy and Tony and demands to know what this is about, but Sammy doesn’t budge so we’re all just like…


In the meantime, Proctor taps Bailey for help. Bailey tells him he doesn’t buy that Knox is the mole. Proctor explains he and Jamie don’t buy it either. Bailey mentions the audio that incriminates Tommy (where Tommy kills Ruiz and mentions killing Lobos with Ghost), but the problem is, Proctor will have to choose between his clients.

And then things get even worse. Yup. The feds apply more pressure by freezing everyone’s assets. The bank won’t honor Tasha’s tuition checks so her kids are about to get suspended from school in a week. Keisha’s store gets shut down. Truth gets shut down. Everything is terrible. No, TURRIBLE! To top it off, Dre is still trying to unsuccessfully keep Tariq from hanging out with Kanan.


Now we’re at another major moment, the meeting between Proctor and Bailey. Proctor hears the tape and Bailey seems to have figured out that Jamie is Ghost. Bailey suggests that  Ghost should flip and exonerate Knox. Proctor says Ghost thinks that Knox was killed by the real mole for getting close to him (which is true). Bailey says he might have an idea who the mole is but doesn’t reveal that yet because he has no proof but then Tommy shows up mid-convo and murders Bailey. Procotor is pissed and freaked out because now he’s really in deep. The whole time Tommy is thinking that Ghost set him up with the tape, but Proctor informs him that Ghost was breaking into Knox’s apartment to get the tape and save him! Once again, Tommy realizes the extremity of his brash decision making when it’s too late.


Proctor says he knows a guy that can take care of the body and Tommy takes off with Bailey’s laptop.

Back in prison, Tony thanks Ghost for the money starts talking tough about basically owning Ghost. That’s when Ghost reveals that he knows who Tony is too–you know, his mafia ties and all that. Basically, we cut to the chase and Ghost makes it clear to him that this arrangement is done.

Finally we’re in court and again we get more bad news. The feds come up with a way to get  Proctor disqualified from the case due to conflict of interest (remember, he defended Tommy). Proctor points out that they’ve known this, but the fact that they asked Proctor to get Ghost to flip on Tommy is a problem and Proctor is forced to withdraw.

Proctor gives Ghost the news in what is seriously the saddest day of our lives–almost like when Mister literally ripped Celie and Nettie apart in The Color Purple.


Now Ghost is stuck with Silver and it’s clear they do not like each other. Boo.

Finally, Proctor pays Angela a visit to thank her for her part in getting him thrown off the case. Angela is still doing this smug routine, acting high and mighty, claiming that Ghost did this to himself but Proctor stresses that Ghost is innocent and that he’s in this situation for choosing her. Let us all glare at Ghost and utter a collective, TOLD YOU SO! Anyway, Proctor mentions that the gun isn’t Ghost’s. Angela tells him to go away, but she gets surveillance footage from Ghosts’ office at Truth. After combing through that for hours she finally sees Sandoval planting the gun.

And now she’s feeling stupid because playing the woman scorned card might get a quasi-innocent man killed.



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