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Sigh. Another day, another instance for Tyrese to keep his opinions about women to himself, but sadly he lacks the impulse control that would allow him to do that. Well earlier this week when he decided to post an incredibly sexist Instagram meme, fellow R&B crooner Ne-Yo was on hand to give him the reality check he needed.

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It’s no secret that Tyrese fancies himself as some sort of relationship guru who thinks he has all the answers to black women’s apparent problems in relationships and beyond. If you’ve been on social media for any period of time, chances are you’ve seen his posts about what women can, should and need to do to keep a man happy…and he just won’t stop.

Earlier this week he posted a meme that said, “MEN ONLY. Give the ladies some relationship advice.” After receiving the expected amount of backlash in his comment section, Ne-Yo decided to point out the frustration and displeasure that the comment brought out and simply posted “Don’t listen to any of our advice. Do what you want.” Thank you Ne-Yo! Although knowing Tyrese and his insistence that he’s always right, this likely won’t stop him from being sexist and misogynistic any time soon.

You can check out Tyrese’s controversial Instagram post and Ne-Yo’s response BELOW:

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