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Andrew Caldwell

Source: J.R. Davis / WHHL

Andrew Caldwell strikes again, continuing his beef with former football player Kordell Stewart. 

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Caldwell, who infamously declared himself “delivert” from homosexuality back in 2014, has been in a legal beef with Stewart since he claimed they had sexual relations together. Stewart sued Caldwell and this year, the former NFL player won a $3 million judgement against Andrew. 

Caldwell eventually threatened to fight the judgement in court, but there’s yet to be any word of his success or even filed a lawsuit.

According to a recent video it seems like he’s still expected to pay that $3 million. In the clip, Caldwell says Stewart tried to stop him from having access to his bank account. He said, “I went to the dang on debit card machine, to try to get the money out this morning. Do you know this man put a hold on my bank account? Kordell Stewart got a hold on my bank account. You calling around to Facebook, yeah I got a letter. And then you’re reaching out to my landlord…Are you that broke tryna get some money from me?”

He continued, “I got something for you. You are a grown man. Grow up. My book is coming out and it’s gonna tell the whole truth. At the end of the day, I called my lawyers — you got that letter.”

There’s more:

“When I first said that I slept with Kordell, I was delivered and still is delivered. First off, I’m planning on filing a lawsuit on this Thursday. I wanna clear my name. I’m very beautiful. I take good care of my skin, about to get a nose job. I don’t need to lie about sleeping with nobody.”

So, I guess that lawsuit is still in the works?

Never one for concise thoughts, you can watch all of Caldwell’s video regarding the situation below. It’s complete with fiery finger wags and random song breakouts.

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