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There will be one less wife on-call for Married to Medicine next season as Lisa Nicole Cloud has exited the show.

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Lisa told today that she’s opting to step away from the Bravo reality series in order to put all of her energy into growing her fashion line.

“I’ve made some decisions as it relates to my own businesses,” she explained. “My clothing line is really growing, and I need to really focus.”

As she explains, her collection is building momentum now that she’s been invited to do a showing at the Cannes Film Festival. This is after she’d previously done New York Fashion Week and Los Anegles Fashion Week. It’s a wave that she wants to take advantage of.

Lisa also mentioned that she and her husband Dr. Darren Naugles will also be taking this opportunity to do some family planning. A huge part of her narrative last season on Married to Medicine was trying to start a family, so this shift in her career path may make it easier for her to focus on becoming a mom.

Her success on the runway aside, Lisa hinted that we may not have seen the last of her on Married to Medicine.

“[Producers] don’t want me to leave at all. They would definitely want me to still remain connected to the show,” Lisa shared. “Thats why I will probably make occasional appearances as time permits.”

Of course, some still question whether she actually quit the show. seems to suggest that Bravo may have given Lisa her walking papers.

Supposedly, cast members got their contracts for next season about a month ago, and the ladies who were invited back have been at work shooting scenes for a few weeks. However, there is word that Lisa wasn’t offered a full-time contract. That does leave the door open for her to do a few cameos next season.


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