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We all know that Gabourey Sidibe has been dropping them pounds as of late—and she recently shared what’s been behind her epic weight loss. Ten months ago, she got laproscopic bariatric surgery.

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In an exclusive interview to PEOPLE, she shared what prompted her to go under the knife: She and her brother Ahmed were both diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

“I just didn’t want to worry. I truly didn’t want to worry about all the effects that go along with diabetes. I genuinely [would] worry all the time about losing my toes,” the Oscar-nominee said.

She also shared bits of her upcoming book This Is Just My Face: Try Not to Stare that sheds light on the procedure and her weight loss journey.


“My surgeon said they’d cut my stomach in half. This would limit my hunger and capacity to eat. My brain chemistry would change and I’d want to eat healthier. I’ll take it! My lifelong relationship with food had to change,” she wrote.

In addition, Sidibe’s book also reveals her battle with depression, anxiety and bulimia, which she eventually overcame through the help of therapy.

“It has taken me years to realize that what I was born with is all beautiful,” she writes in her book. “I did not get this surgery to be beautiful. I did it so I can walk around comfortably in heels. I want to do a cartwheel. I want not to be in pain every time I walk up a flight of stairs.”

As of now, she has lost some serious weight with the help of a trainer and a nutritionist, but the Empire actress stresses that regardless of her dress size, she loves herself and knows that she is beautiful.

“I know I’m beautiful in my current face and my current body. What I don’t know about is the next bodyI admit it, I hope to God I don’t get skinny. If I could lose enough to just be a little chubby, I’ll be over the moon! Will I still be beautiful then? S—. Probably. My beauty doesn’t come from a mirror. It never will.”

Bravo Gabourey!


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