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The Minister Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, is back in the spotlight with his message about Black independence, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

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Farrakhan recently addressed a crowd about President-elect Donald Trump following his shocking election night win last month. He had a strong message for Trump, writes the news outlet:

In a speech before the State of the Black World Conference in New Jersey, he warned, “The white man is going to push. He’s putting in place the very thing that will limit the freedom of others.”

Then he pointed to the crowd, smiled and said, “That’s what you needed,” as motivation to finally separate from Whites.

“My message to Mr. Trump: Push it real good,” Farrakhan said, building to a roar that drew applause and cheers. “Push it so good that black people say, ‘I’m outta here. I can’t take it no more.’”

Farrakhan, who has not endorsed Trump but praised some of his actions, renewed attention to his Black independence religious movement. His message about Blacks having a separate state has won more favor among the African-American community. The Nation has taken the stage at some major protests over the past months despite  being “largely closed off to outsiders.”

And the movement, which started in 1930s Detroit and has some different beliefs than mainstream Islam, has a stronger presence across social media.

Farrakhan addressed a group of parishioners and expressed admiration for Trump because he believed the billionaire businessman’s “purportedly self-funded presidential campaign isn’t taking money from the ‘Jewish community,’” reported U.S. News & World Report in March before Trump’s win.

SOURCE: Chicago Sun-Times, U.S. News & World Report


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