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In an interview with HMG Blog Eve says her new album Lip Lock will be coming out in 2001 on EMI records. Eve’s last full-length album Evo-Lution was released in 2002 and her last single Tambourine dropped in 2007, so to say her fans have been patient is an understatement.

“I left my label Interscope and now I’m on EMI doing my own thing,” says Eve. “I have so much freedom. This record is about having fun. You know you play your favorite music when you’re getting dressed going to the club. The music you listen to in the car. That’s what this album is.”

Flo-Rida, Trina and Chitty Bang are confirmed guests and Salaam Remi is doing some production. There is no word on whether Swizz Beatz will be on the album this go around but Eve did say she’s open to working with her old label boss Dr. Dre on his.

“Dr. Dre has taken the longest time with his record,” she said laughing. “Seriously, I think Detox is not real. I would be honored I hope he does call me, if the album happens. I believe in you Dre!”

Of course every female rapper is being asked for their input on the Lil Kim/Nicki Minaj beef and the First Lady of Ruff Ryders was honest but diplomatic.

“At the end of the day her music is not for every certain type of female. She caters to one type of female,” she says of Nicki’s Pink Friday. “But at the same time she is only person representing for real for females and we need the balance. There’s too much testosterone. I think she’s doing her thing. God bless her.”

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