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Rickey Smiley was moved to speak to his listeners about having the strength to let people go in order to move on with your personal growth. Check it out in this exclusive video, and check out the full transcript of his testimony below.

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On today’s Rickey Smile Morning Show, hey, the bottom of the hour, y’all.  First of all, I want to say good morning, and I want Good morning.  And I want to thank everybody for listening.  You know, listen, listen to this show, or whatever, you know.  

I just have to share something, something, something with everybody because sometimes I think that God really be using me and allowing me to go through stuff just so I could give him the glory for it.  And, you know, I’m, I’m, I’m going to talk to y’all a minute because I know there’s a lot of good people out there that’s successful and people out there that’s trying to have something, and trying to make a better life for themselves, but, but have to deal with a lot of contro-controversary and stuff.  

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And I, I just, I just want y’all to, to understand man (clears throat) you know, just … when you get ready to go, when God get ready to take you to the next level and you begin to grow, I want you to be prepared because everything that these great pastors is talking to you about is, is real.  You know, I’m not telling people you don’t have to go to Bible Study but go get that word because, and get that foundation, because it will bring about a better understanding of everything that you’re going through, because if, if, if I didn’t have that word, if I, if I weren’t listening to Pastor Kevin and Brian every Sunday, and Bishop Joseph Walker on the web and listening to things that, that Pastor Haynes and, and Pastor Marcus Davison and Pastor E. Dewey Smith, Jr. is talking about, man, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t know where to stand because I want everybody out there that’s a business owner, you know, that’s doing good in business and trying to better themselves, trying to get out of the, get out of the proj—I, I came from Section 8.  I am a product of Section 8.

And I want everybody to be encouraged this morning because sometime, man, when you, when you go to a whole ‘nother level, you deal with a whole ‘nother devil.  And you, you not gonna be able to be with everybody that you grew up with.  Everybody, all your little cousins, some of your aunties, some of your uncles, and all these different people, when God get ready to use you and take you to the next level, there’s just some stuff, man, that you got to let go.

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And I want you to understand you are not put on this earth to be liked by everybody and everybody ain’t gonna like you.  You gonna have some cousins and some aunties that ain’t gonna speak to you.  You gonna have some frat brothers and some sorority sisters that ain’t gonna have nothing to do with you because they say that you think that you all of that.  You understand?  And, and, and I’m telling y’all, man, this is to all the nice and kind people that’s growing up doing, doing big things, you know, because sometime, man, it hurt you when your favorite pair of jean and your favorite shirt, and your favorite shoes start to get too small for you and you can’t wear it no more.

And that’s how you have to treat people around you.  Because when God get ready to take you to another level you just got to go ahead and go on to another level, you can’t take everybody with you.  And I want somebody to be encouraged this morning.  God allow me to see a lot of things and allow me to get affected and get hurt by a lot of things where I can just try to minister to some other people because everybody don’t sit up and go to Church every Sunday like I do.  Everybody ain’t getting their word.  Some people get their word through the radio, and that’s fine.  But everything that go on in my life I give God the glory for it.

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Get ready for isolation.  You understand what I’m saying?  Get ready for isolation.  Get ready to be the one that get talked about by everybody.  Get ready.  Get ready.  Isolation is coming.  And that’s a good thing.  And I want; I want everybody to start focusing on the people that really do love you.  Because we, we always ignoring that little old lady at Church that will come up and hug you and kiss you, or whatever, or we want to focus on the auntie that talk about us to the family and the people in the family that dog us out, and we always want to focus on certain friends that dog you out, but you don’t pay attention when, when, when … when Gerald Carter and Shandell Simonton and different people send you a positive message on Facebook and you don’t focus on them, the ones that really love you, that don’t want nothing from you.  That don’t want a shout out on the radio.  That don’t want to be a part of your circle.  That buy tickets to come to your show.

These are best friends that took me to work to cash my check when I didn’t have a car.  And they paid for tickets.  They don’t have no expectations.  Those are your real friends.  God told me to tell y’all to get focused on the positive people in your life, people that are trying to be somebody to you.  I want you to know that God is a God of restoration.  He restores.  God replace everything.  

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Everything that you lost God replace it.  He is awesome.  What a friend we have in Jesus.  Now, a lot of people used to work for you, they get together and have stuff, they don’t invite you, what does that tell you?  What does it tell you?  Brat, you know, you’ve been through this.  What does it tell you?  But you can’t be affected by that, or offended by it.  It’s all in God’s plan.  

I got people I grew up with that don’t have nothing to do with me, nothing to say to me, the only thing I did to them, and I’m not perfect, I have my ways, let me just say that.  I’m not sitting up here claiming to be perfect, because I have my faults, that everybody in here, we go through little stuff up in here sometime, but I’m, but one thing that can’t nobody say that I’m not fair.

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But it, it just don’t work out all the time.  But God put other people in your life.  I got bros that don’t even accept me because of where I pledge Q and how I pledge Q, and that’s okay, but I got other bros that do accept me.  There’s people that don’t, that don’t have nothing to do with me.  Tom Joyner ain’t treating me no different.  Steve Harvey love me.  Mr. Joseph Walker love me.  I saw, sat up here and watched my best friend get crowned as a presiding Bishop of Fuller Gospel Church, and this is my friend, and that acknowledged me as a friend.

You understand?  God put people in your life.  And the day that people like that stop speaking to you, then you, I might lose some sleep.  But you think I care about some other folk that get together?  Because they wouldn’t even like each other, the only thing they have in common is that they don’t like you.  And I want somebody else to be – I’m not doing this to throw off on nobody, because everything I do, I try to use it to try to make somebody else better and get somebody else thinking and get somebody else focused on God, and get somebody else to go to Bible Study and get somebody else encouraged because a lot of people like that, they don’t have nobody.

My best friend is dead.  When they rolled my grandmamma out of that Church … when they rolled Adamay Alma out of that Church, you understand what I’m saying?  I feel like my world crashed.  But what a friend we have in Jesus, because even though I don’t have no gramma I can go over Janie Ashley’s house that live in High Sheppard (00:07:07) Projects and eat me a pork chop sandwich and some pinto beans and lay across her couch and go to sleep.  I can go over to Ms. Jackie’s house in Dallas, Texas and eat me some collard greens and some macaroni and cheese.  She ain’t gonna take not pictures, she ain’t gonna ask for no free tickets.  I got places to go.

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All these, all these Workers of Inequity, there’s a difference between evildoers and Workers of Inequity.  You understand what I’m saying?  Evil doers do evil, but Workers of Inequity; they get up every day just to hurt you.  They get up every day just to find fault in you.  They do nothing but – we call them haters, but they are workers, they’re called Workers of Inequity.

I’m gonna read y’all something right quick, and this come from Psalms 1:18 verses five through eight.  From my distress I called up on the Lord, the Lord answered me and set me in a large place.  The Lord is for me.  I will not fear.  What can man do to me?  The Lord, the Lord is for me among those who help me, therefore I look with satisfaction on those who hate me.  It is better to take refuge than to put trust in the man.  These negroes don’t have a heaven or a hell to put you in and whoever you are driving around in your car, I want you to know that God love you and so do I and somebody at your church, somebody in your neighborhood, in your community care about you.  You ain’t thrown away.  And that’s what my granddaddy always told me.  You ain’t throw it away.

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I’m gonna sit up there at a Church I was at 30 something years.  And, and you were sitting there, and you were sitting there, and watched our Pastor sit up there and dog us out because we were sitting in the wrong seat.  And just because I can’t sing nobody in the Church took up for me but Ms. Jamie.  Ms. Jamie went back there in the office and put her finger in his face and told her that he, that he had the wrong one, he need to apologize.  But nobody else in the Church said nothing.  I done sat down many Sundays at Church and watched this Pastor, that I’d been at my whole life, that funeralized my grandmother just sit there and dog me out in front of a whole congregation, or whatever.

You think I’d seen or heard from those people again?  It’s all good, because God introduced me to a whole new Church family.  I got friendship west, Missionary Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas.  I got Pastor Martin Davison Church in Miami.  I go to Pastor Kevin Brian Church, E. Dewey Smith, and then a big old church up in Nashville Tennessee.  I’m a member at all them churches.  God done provided me, what I’m saying is you sitting up here focused on this one church that you’ve been at all your life and you so attached to it, and when you get away from it God all these churches, and then my best friend is the presiding Bishop of four gospel churches and when we talk on the phone we ain’t even talking about ministry.  We Qs ,and we love each other.  

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I am the fath—I am the godfather to his only daughter.  I sat in there, in that room, and watched his first wife die of cancer, and sat in there, that hospital room with him.  That’s real friendship.  Friendship is essential to the soul.  And everybody out there that’s driving to work, that’s riding around in your car, you ain’t got a momma, you got a daddy, you ain’t got a grown momma, you feel like you’re unloved?  I want you to know this morning that God love you.  Continue to do good.  Cease from anger.  The Lord is my Sheppard, I shall not want.  He maketh me lie down in the green pasture.  He leaded me besides still water.  He restoreth my soul, he leaded me through the path of righteousness, but his name say yay, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for thou are with me, thy rod, thy step, they cover me.  Thou prepareth a table before me in the presence of my enemy.

Oh, he’s awesome.  I’m glad man didn’t make me.  If man made me he wouldn’t even let the sun shine on me.  What an awesome god we serve.  Get focused on God, and get focused on the people around you that really love you.  And take your eyes off these people, these Workers of Inequity and these evildoers that don’t do nothing but try to just kill you, destroy you, and do things to make you feel bad.  God don’t judge you, he forgive you.  And you worried about what some other folks got to say about you?  I want, you better be encouraged this morning.

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And I just want to share that with y’all, because I take everything that I go through and use it as a testimony to give God the glory.  At the end of the day these negroes ain’t got a heaven or hell to put you in.  They don’t own nothing.  Look at the caliber of people that talk about you.  Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, our President of the United States, I get invited to the White House.  God be laying it out for me.  Talk about me?  I’m a bad person then?  If I’m so bad why God keep blessing me then?  Took everything I had in 2006 friend, I was around in 2006, but 2016 I ain’t friends with them no more, and now I’m riding around in a bus with a bed and a sleep going to the next city.  I was riding around in a Jeep Cherokee ten years ago.

You got to move out.  You got to step away and let God work.  God will give you new friends.  He’ll replace your grandma, he’ll get you somebody to love on you, your kids on you.  He’ll give you a new mom and dad, he’ll find your mom and dad in somebody.  He’ll find your brother and sister in somebody.  He will supply all your needs.  Huh?  You better get in that word, because see, this kind of stuff what I go through right here, this will make you commit suicide if you don’t have that word.  You better get that foundation because you can’t get nothing from the top to the bottom.  It starts from the bottom up, that foundation.  I thank God for keeping me and I hope you inspire by some of my pain, but I hope it inspired you this morning, because everything that I go through, I’m gonna always turn it around, and I’m always giving to God.  Give God the glory for it.  

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Thank you for letting me bear this cross because it ain’t doing nothing but making me stronger.  And that’s it.  And that’s it.  All right, the time right now is 17 before the top of the morning, the Rickey Smiley Morning Show.

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