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It’s no secret B.o.B is out there when it comes to conspiracy theories and he’s extremely woke.Yesterday on Twitter he stretched to the far reaches of the galaxy with his lastest theory of the Earth being flat! Yes he went there, and he really truly believes the Earth is not round as it has proven to be by the scientific community.


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B.O.B.’s rant on Twitter yesterday pretty much had us all scratching our heads and wondering exactly what is this man smoking? He’s obviously higher than the airplanes he rapped about on his hit record of the same name. The rapper went on a tirade on Twitter, tweeting pictures trying to prove his point to the masses he feel are sheep, here are some of them:



All folks could do was just sit there and shake their heads as he just went on and on about the Earth being flat. Thank god for Neil deGrasse Tyson though who probably saw Bobby Ray’s timeline and was like:


Tyson quickly injected some knowledge into the debate, he corrected the rapper on mistakes he made in his tweets:


He also let B.o.B. know even though his logic is ass-backwards we can still enjoy his music when he said:

Being five centuries regressed in your reasoning doesn’t mean we all can’t still like your music.


B.o.B., who once rapped he’s “out of his mind” on a record couldn’t just let it go and dropped a song going at the astrophysicist, yes you read correctly he dissed Neil deGrasse Tyson. The track in question is titled “Flatline”,now many immediately thought this some sort of promotion for his upcoming album. He insists it’s not, take a listen to the track “Flatline” below:


Well you didn’t think it would just end there would it? Tyson got the help of his nephew to respond to B.o.B’s diss track titled “Flat to Fact”. The track follows the same idea as Drake’s diss record directed towards Meek Mill “Back To Back”. It’s quite entertaining listen to it below:


This definitely has to be the nerdiest beef ever! B.o.B. is dead serious on the “Flat Earth” movement which has definitely been gaining traction  as of late. Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right but we think B.o.B. should take the L on this one cause clearly he’s wrong. This is Neil deGrasse Tyson’s arena and we are very sure the guy knows exactly what the hell he is talking about.


Stay Fly!

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