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Ray Rice

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The image of Ray Rice dragging his wife in an elevator will always remain scorched in the back of our minds.

The ex-NFL player is now speaking out about how he will explain the tragic incident to his 3-year-old daughter.

“She knows nothing, and it’s our job to raise her the right way. And when it’s time for me to have that daddy-daughter talk, it’s something that I think about day to day, every day of my life that I wake up,” he explained in his interview with the Dan Patrick Show. 

He credits his daughter’s presence with helping him stay positive.

“She has that ability to take something that seems so bad for me, but it turned out to be so good. I get to take my daughter to school. I don’t have to call people to do things for me. I get to physically be there for my daughter. Not that I don’t want to play football again, but it’s a different feeling. A different love.”

He is still troubled about how he will explain the ‘worst decision of his life’ to his daughter:

“I still have to craft responses to make her understand why I’m not playing,” Rice said.

The former Raven’s star said it’s something he’s going to have to face soon. “I would hate for her to type in my name,” Rice lamented, “and the first thing to come up is the video.”

Rice went on to explain that he had never put hands on his wife, but one time is already too many.

We are glad he’s not scurrying away from his scandal (ahem, R. Kelly) and facing what happened head on. Acknowledging past mistakes is the first step to moving forward.

Do you think he deserves a second chance?


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